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Historical Events  Movies
JAWS Poster

Fancy a snack?

MMDE: Movie poster had bite mark

Current: Movie poster had no bite mark

Some people are saying they remember a bite mark in the lettering of the poster for the original 1975 JAWS movie, but all references today show it as the solid word "JAWS". 

This bite mark is mostly reported as being on the bottom of the "J", but some are saying it was the left. The styling of the "J" is supposed to resemble a fish hook, which fits in with the theme but not so much a bite.

This Mandela Effect is also subject to a flip-flop, where reports of people remembering it with the bite mark on T-Shirts etc, check it's the case but come back later to find it has gone. It's also the second reported with the JAWS movie - the other being "We're/You're gonna need a bigger boat".

Historical Events  Movies
Run you fools!

What should the fools do?

MMDE: Run, you fools!

Current: Fly, you fools!

It's become an internet meme - Gandalf is about to fall down the chasm after defeating the fearsome Balrog, so cries out to his friends urging them to get away.

What exactly did he say?

Many remember it as "Run, you fools!" and are suprised to learn they might be experiencing a Mandela Effect when they learn today it is "Fly, you fools!".

This could be a mishearing - some are even claiming to hear "Flee!". The plot does involve the giant eagles carrying them away, and Gandalf thinks he is about to die, so it might be a reference to that as he does the last thing he can to help them.

Historical Events  Movies

This car is "ultramatic"?

Grease has been staged as a musical many times since its 1978 release, and a few of them filmed. Watching the original today, in the famous garage scene leading up to the "Greased Lighting" song, Danny proclaims "This car is systematic....hydromatic....ultramatic", yet many claim he never said "ultramatic".

There is plenty of proof of this as seen in the video, where presumably all the different productions collectively "misremembered" the original. Or did it change after they produced theirs?

Some claim the video is different from the soundtrack, yet apparently the soundtrack came from the movie. All the internet lyric sites have "Automatic/Systematic/Hydromatic" with no "Ultramatic", so this cannot be a simple case of misheard lyrics.

Historical Events  Brands
Barbie Girl

Is she in "a" Barbie world or "the" Barbie world?

Misheard lyrics could explain many Mass Memory Discrepancy Effects, including the line from the Barbie Girl song where she sings she is in "a/the" Barbie world.

Technical explanations for this include the slight pronunciation differences the band, Aqua, have being from Norway, autotune being used on the vocals and just a straightforward blurring of the words themselves - try repeating "in a" many times and you could be excused for saying "in the".

Misheard lyrics which could go either way when listened to today are completely different from totally changed lyrics, but still there are some who claim this is the case with our cute little doll friend.

Historical Events  Music
Bee Gees

Listen carefully

MMDE: I really need to know

Current: I really mean to learn

Many people familiar with the famous Bee Gees track from 1977 "How deep is your love" remember the lyric "I really need to know", but find it's been replaced with "I really mean to learn". 

Some people say listening to it very carefully shows the line as always having been "I really mean to learn", but they'd thought it was the other one because they didn't pay that much attention to it. In other words, it's not one where there is a definite change, just a clarification.

Once you know what you're listing for it's pretty clear, but there's no doubt most will just remember is as "need to know". Or could it be because that was what it actually was originally?

Historical Events  General
Marie Celeste

The most famous ghost ship of all time

MMDE: Marie Celeste

Current: Mary Celeste

In 1872 an American merchant ship was found adrift near the Azores Islands. It was deserted and waterlogged, and appeared to have been drifting for many days. When the ship was inspected, it was found the last log entry was 10 days earlier with no mention of any unexpected events. Food and supplies were plentiful, there were many valuables left onboard and even partially eaten food on the tables, suggesting it was not pirates or lack of supplies which caused the sudden disappearance of the crew.

Over the years many myths built up over this story, ranging from aliens abducting the crew to sudden vortexes appearing from a parallel dimension.

The biggest mystery to many however is the name of the ship - was it the Marie Celeste or the Mary Celeste?

Records today show it as the Mary Celeste, but there is even more to this than at first appears... 

Historical Events  Science
WOW Signal

Where in the Galaxy

MMDE: WOW Signal came from Orion

Current: WOW Signal came from Sagittarius

Remember the WOW Signal from 1977, when astronomers at Ohio State university captured a 72 second burst of radio waves which was so far off the scale one of them wrote "WOW!" alongside the printout?

The issue here isn't wether this really was from an alien civilisation, it's the report of where the signal came from.

References today show it's origin was the Sagittarius constellation, but many experiencing thi MMDE claim it was reported as coming from the Orion constellation at the time, and that's the way they remember it.

Historical Events  Brands
Oxy Clean

As clean as fresh air

MMDE: Oxy Clean

Current: Oxi Clean

They might be pronounced the same, but to Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect observers there's a whole world of difference between the old "Oxy Clean" and the current "Oxi Clean". That's because those who remember it the old way are having a hard time finding any evidence it ever was the way they say it used to be.

It's been around since 1999, and many people are familiar with either using it or seeing it in the stores as they walk by.

The explanation of a simple rebranding is always a problem with these kind of effects. For a start, no-one can remember an actual rebranding event, and probably more importantly the idea a nationwide, or global business would tinker with a brand name without good reason is a non-starter  - they invest millions in it, and are definitely there for the long-term.

Historical Events  Music
Jackson 6

Blame it on the Boogie

MMDE: Jackson 5 had 6 members

Current: Jackson 5 had 5 members

It sounds like a trick question, but nothing connected to the Mandela Effect is as it first appears: How many members did the Jackson 5 have? Those who say five might want to think again.

Randy Jackson appeared with the band many times from as early as 1965, bringing their member count to 6.

Everyone thinks Michael is the youngest male member, whilst Janet was the youngest person, but now it turns out he wasn't, it was Randy.

This isn't the only Mandela Effect where the number of members is remembered differently - the 6th Village People member is another.