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Historical Events  People
Frankie Howerd

Titter Ye Not

MMDE: Frankie Howard

Current: Frankie Howerd

A much loved British Music Hall, Radio, TV and film comedy legend is the latest unlikely victim of the Mandela Effect. This is another pronunciation one, because the variations sound the same.

Was he called Frankie Howard or Frankie Howerd?

His many catchphrases and mannerisms are well-known to those of a certain age, but sadly, as is the case with many of his era, younger people are starting to struggle recognising him.

He actually started out intending to be a serious actor, but soon said "Ooooh, no missus!" to that once he was bitten by the comedy bug.

Historical Events  Movies
Hunger Games

Player explodes at start

MMDE: A player at the start fell off their pod and exploded

Current: A player at the start did not fall off their pod and explode

At the start of the 'Hunger Games' movie and book the players are lined up on starting pod as an ominous countdown timer booms out across the playing field. The players can see their weapon packs just ahead of them, and know how important they will be once everything has kicked off.

Many remember one of the players falling off before the timer reached zero, either because they were too eager or just lost their balance. They remember this player instantly exploding in a ball of fire, yet this isn't see in the movie today. There are plenty of other movies which something similar happens, but those who remember it are certain it was in the Hunger Games.

Some suggest it may have been in the book, but again there's no reference today. 

Historical Events  General
Cowboys poker

Smokey Saloon

MMDE: Cowboys in the Old West mainly played poker

Current: Cowboys in the Old West seldom played poker

The image most people conjure up of the Old West when thinking of how the cowboys spent their leisure time is a smokey saloon with a table of grim faces, all intent on betting the farm on that one last hand.

This picture is so common it's been depicted since the silent black and white dawn of the Western movies.

However, it turns out not to be accurate. Sure, there were saloons, piano players and colorful dancing girls, as well as the card tables surrounded by gamblers. But were these cowboys playing poker? It turns out probably not, because whilst poker did exist as a card game at the time, the most common one by far was called "Faro"

Historical Events  TV
Dick Cavett

Guest dies on air

MMDE: The Dick Cavett Show aired an episode where a guest died on air

Current: The Dick Cavett Show never aired an episode where a guest died on air

An amazing video showing a Mandela Effect has was recorded in 2010 - way before the term even existed. It's been available on YouTube since then, and it fits the definition perfectly, because it describes an event which has very strong evidence for never occurring being remembered the same way by groups of people.

This concerns an episode of the Dick Cavett Show, which was supposedly aired in 1971. The recording is of Dick Cavett himself  recorded in 2010, describing the death of a guest on his show which, in his own words, many people have asked him about since claiming they distinctively remember seeing it. Yet, there is clearly no-one more authoritative than Dick himself, who insists it was never aired. 

Historical Events  Movies
Gene Wilder

Gene Wilder's most famous role?

MMDE: Gene Wilder was in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Current: Gene Wilder was not in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Roald Dahls famous book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" has been delighting children, and many grown-up children, for decades since it was written in 1964.

Featuring the colorful Willy Wonka, the book went on to be adapted as a musical movie twice, the first of which starred Gene Wilder as the lead role, Willy Wonka, in 1971.

Yet there's something odd here, because although world famous for the role and this movie, he wasn't in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at all - the one he was in was called Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory. 

Historical Events  People
King Harold

The death of Harold

MMDE: King Harold died from an arrow in his eye at the Battle of Hastings

Current: King Harold did not die from an arrow in his eye at the Battle of Hastings

King Harold, or more formally King Harold II, was born in 1022 as Harold Godwinson. He was the last crowned Anglo-Saxon king of England and famously died at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

This battle was depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry, where it appears to show him getting killed by an arrow in his eye, and from that the legend of the manner of his death this way was born.

However, all is not as it appears, and today serious doubt is being thrown on if this is what actually happened.

Historical Events  Science

The color of blood

MMDE: Blood in the veins is colored blue

Current: Blood in the veins is colored red

Many people remember being taught at school that the blood inside the human veins is colored blue, and only turns red when it comes into contact with air. The fact that it looks that way when checking is out on your arms, legs etc appears to only reinforce this idea.

In fact it's not true, and this is coming as a big surprise to many people, who in turn have been telling their children this is the case and so perpetuating the myth. It's red because the way it carries oxygen around the body is in the form of hemoglobin, which is rich in iron and gives it the red shade.

There is a clue this is the case without having to conduct some elaborate experiment. When blood is drawn into a tube via a syringe, it usually goes into a vacuum in the tube, not air. This prevents contamination, yet it's still always red.