02 Jun 2021
30 Apr 2021
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The Roman "Thumb down" signal meant die

The Roman "Thumb down" signal meant live


We're all familiar with the thumbs up gesture. It's pretty much universal meaning of "all ok" spans cultures and languages, and when asked, most people would say it's origin comes from the practice of the Roman emperor, or whoever was the big cheese at the time, signaling to a triumphant gladiator whether his defeated opponent should live or die.

Unfortunately, it seems the idea of thumbs up meaning "live" and thumbs down meaning "die" is completely the opposite from what actually happened, This is coming as such as surprise to many people that they are pointing to the Mandela Effect for an explanation regarding this mysterious switch. 

Historical Events  Books

The Portrait of Dorian Grey

The Picture of Dorian Grey

Never gets old

Published in 1890, Oscar Wildes famous tale was his only novel. It tells of a young man, Dorian Grey, who makes a wish that his portrait would age rather than himself, which mysteriously comes true. As he lives his life without care, his sins are gradually reflected in his changing image in the portrait. It becomes uglier as time goes by, whilst Dorian remains young and handsome.

The story is of interest because of the title.

Many remember it as The Portrait of Dorian Grey, rather than The Picture of Dorian Grey, and are pointing to the Mandela Effect as a possibility for this.

Historical Events  Art

Michelangelo's David's eyes does not have heart shaped pupils.

Michelangelo's David's eyes has heart shaped pupils.


For over 500 years the statue of David has been a symbol of the Renaissance in Florence. Michelangelo's masterpiece is so famous, and has been studied so much for over 500 years that there couldn't possibly be any controversy over some detail, but it turns out there is.

What shape are the pupils?

It comes as such a surprise to many people they they are heart shaped, than it is being pointed to as a Mandela Effect, because they are sure they have seen the statue before with normal eyes.

Historical Events  People

Tim Curry died in 2012

Tim Curry did not die in 2012

Let's do it again

The Rocky Horror show legend Tim Curry is famous for his timewarp song, so it's only fitting the great man hoimself is the subject of a Mandela Effect. Well, several actually, since they all relate to his death, with many blurring the lines between the usual celebrity death hoaxes and what people believe are actual Mandela Effects.

Unfortunately, Tim had a stroke in 2012 and it seems its this that most people are being confused by. Many swear that he in fact did die then, right down to the media running "life story" programmes and reruns of his movies.

When these false death rumours resurfaced in 2020, he had something to say about them...

Historical Events  Movies

Take my strong hand

Take my little hand

Laughing at ghosts

The first Scary Movie, err, movie, was taking a jab at the slasher movies of the 1980s, and did well enough to spawn a sequel, Scary Movie 2. The target this time was the ghosts, demonic and supernatural trends this time, so look for plenty of references to The Exorcist, The Amityville Horror, The Haunting etc.

The movie wasn't very well received at the time but has since become somewhat of a cult classic. 

One of the stand-out moments involves Hanson, the sinister caretaker with a deformed hand. Many sight gags are focused on this hand, but there's one very well-known one where he is reaching out to save someone who is hanging of a ledge.

Many remember him saying "Take my strong hand" as he offers the withered one, and this makes sense as a joke. However, it now appears as "Take my little hand", which whilst not as funny, is also not as memorable.

Since then, this quote has become known as a meme on the internet, so if it was never there where did it originate? 

Historical Events  People
Al Yankovic

John Denver's plane crashed into a mountain

John Denver's plane crashed into the sea

Take me home...

The tragic death of John Denver in 1997 caused a huge upset the world over. He was known for his easy, country style with hits such as "Take me home, country roads" and "Rocky mountain high", and he died when his home built airplane crashed.

He was born in Roswell, New Mexico, which is well known amongst conspiracy theorists for a totally different reason.

He died on October 12, 1997 but there is something about this that many people are so surprised about they are pointing to as a Mandela Effect. That is, where did his plane hit? Many are sure it flew into a mountain, yet all reports today show it was the water of Monterey Bay, California.

Historical Events  People
Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic died in March 2021

Weird Al Yankovic did not die in March 2021


The posting on Facebook in March 2021 announcing Al's death got a million likes.

It's been debunked as a hoax, but it did actually affect many people who, like the one the Mandela Effect is named after, were sure he'd already died. Many, many comments were made to this post, and the news quickly spread to Twitter where a similar outpouring of grief occurred:

At about 11 a.m. ET on Monday (March 22, 2021), our beloved singer Weird Al Yankovic passed away. Weird Al Yankovic was born on October 23, 1959 in Downey. He will be missed but not forgotten. Please show your sympathy and condolences by commenting on and liking this page.

-- R.I.P. Weird Al Yankovic, Facebook March 22nd, 2021