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Historical Events  TV
Imagine, if you will

You're travelling to another dimension

MMDE: "Imagine, if you will" was never used as a Twilight Zone introduction

Current: "Imagine, if you will" was often used as a Twilight Zone introduction

Think of the old 1950/1960's black and white 'Twilight Zone' TV show and what's the first thing that springs to mind? For most, after the spooky tinkling music, it's Rod Serling's introduction beginning 'Imagine if you will...', where he then describes various weird phenomena such as dimensions beyond space and time.

So, imagine if you will, the surprise of the many people who find out he never said that, and they are experiencing the Mandela Effect. Even though it's referenced in many places on the internet, not once did he say it in his introduction to an episode. This is the same class of Mandela Effect as Morpeus in The Matrix, where even though people can hear his distinctive voice in their head, he never said "what if I told you...".

Historical Events  Science

Do lemmings deliberately kill themselves?


Current: No

Picture the idea of lemmings "killing themselves" and there's always one thing that's present but never thought about. That is, they are always jumping off a cliff into water.

The popular misconception of them deliberately killing themselves ignores this fact, and focuses on the cliff. This is the key to their behaviour, where it turns out they are not committing suicide at all. In fact, they are migrating, which also explains why you always hear of large groups doing this at once, rather than individual ones at different times.

The herd is aware it has outgrown it's current location, in terms of resources and habitat, so instinct kicks in and collectively they know it's time to move on. They have been living near rivers and streams, so are used to crossing by swimming and always, until now, got to the other side safely, if a little tired. Unfortunately, all this combines to them thinking they just need to keep swimming to migrate, but don't realise how different the ocean is, but do know it's the one place they haven't been before.

Historical Events  Religion

The Egyptian God of the afterlife

MMDE: Anubis had the head of a jackal

Current: Anubis had the head of a wolf

He's always shown as a human body with a black animal's head, but was Anubis, the ancient Egyptian God of the afterife, part jackal or wolf?

Many references exist to him being a jackal on the internet, but it turns out he was officially reclassified as a wolf. DNA research originally from 2011, and reported in 2015, shows a new Golden Jackal was hiding in plain sight all along. The species split from the wolf about a million years ago, and one remaining African whilst the other was Eurasian. The significance? There were no pure jackals in Egypt at the time Anubis was being worshipped - but there were African golden jackals, which are more closely related to African grey wolves.

Historical Events  Brands

Kellogg's cheesy snack

MMDE: Cheeze-Itz

Current: Cheeze-It

Here's another branding curiosity.

Since 1921, many people have enjoyed the famous Kelloggs snack crackers thinking they were called "Cheeze-Itz", and are surprised to find today they've been using the wrong name all along. Despite it having the "Cheeze-It" name for close on 100 years, it still comes as a shock when they see the big lettering on the pack which plainly says "Cheeze-It".

There is a class of spelling Mandela Effects where the pronunciation is the same for all variants, and an even subtler class where the plural is assumed to be the real name because it is naturally spoken out loud more often. Examples are Depends underwear and Braggs. With this one, the "z" always appears in the first word, so appending it to make the plural seems a good fit for stylish reasons.

Historical Events  Movies
Goonies 2

Was there a Goonies 2?

MMDE: The sequel to Goonies is Goonies 2

Current: The sequel to Goonies does not exist

Recently there has been speculation of a sequel the the 1985 Goonies movie, which has caused some confusion amongst those experiencing the Mandela Effect. That's because they are sure there already was one, which came out not long after the original. They even remember some of the story line, and the fact the movie, unfortunately, was nothing like as good as the original. In fact they claim it totally sucked.

Internet searches for "goonies 2" show there was a work with that name, but it was a video game. Those who remember it say they either had no interest or knowledge of this, and are definitely not confusing it with the movie sequel.

Historical Events  People
Robert Duvall

Hollywood legend Robert Duva ... ?

MMDE: Robert Duval

Current: Robert Duvall

Some people claim to remember the spelling of Robert Duvall as "Robert Duval".

There are many references on the internet to "Duval" which make it clear the reference is to the actor, and not someone with the actual name "Robert Duval". 

His movie roles go back to the early 1960's when he appeared in To Kill a Mockingbird, then MASH and George Lucas's first role as a director as the lead in THX 1138. Since those, his appearance in The Godfather movies, and the Vietnam war classic Apocalypse Now, alongside his equally prolific TV work has confirmed him as an A-lister.

The unusual spelling of the surname likely lends itself to interpretation when spoken, because both variants sound the same. Yet those who swear it's changed claim they were well aware of how it really was spelt originally.

Historical Events  People
Blonde Elvis

What was the natural hair color of Elvis?

MMDE: Black

Current: Blonde

The King of Rock 'n' Roll, or just "The King", is right up there with the most famous people of all time.

His tall, dark and handsome looks catapulted him to stardom in the 1950's. Who could resist the groundbreaking swagger, the amazing voice and the slick, jet black hair which became his trademark?

Yet there's something wrong with this picture, and it's causing quite the stir for other reasons. The fact he dyed his hair, being born blonde originally, isn't in doubt nowadays, it's the fact this was supposedly widely known. Many who hear of this say it's been no secret since even his heyday, yet just as many are shocked and believe it's been kept a secret universally until recently.