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Snow White

I love Rock n Roll

MMDE: "Saw him standing there by the record machine"

Current: "Saw him dancing there by the record machine"

Joan Jett's cover of The Arrows 1975 track "I love Rock N Roll" is the one most remember, and probably don't realise the lyrics were suitably swapped around on account of their version being sung by a woman.

Fans are now saying that's not the only lyric change, and one in particular is causing them to point to the Mandela Effect as an explanation because there's no evidence it was originally the way they remember.

"I saw him standing there by the record machine...." is the way they remember it, but it's now "I saw him dancing there... ".

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Snow White

In the original story, how old was Snow White?

MMDE: 14

Current: 7

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was made famous when the Brothers Grimm published it, as part of a set drawn from traditional fables, in 1812. The story became more and more popular the world over before Disney made their famous cartoon in 1937.

It tells of how the young Snow White was befriended by the seven dwarves and her battle with the vain Queen.

The issue here is just how young was she? Most people familar with the story from the cartoon assume she was in her teens,  or early twenties at the most. It turns out that her age in the original novel, "Little Snow White" comes as quite a shock to many people: she was 7.

Even Disney thought they were being careful by doubling her age to 14 in their movie, but clearly by modern standards this is still disturbing. 

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Pulp fiction car plate

What did Winston Wolfe's car plate show?


Current: 3ABM581

There's a distinctive shot in Quentin Tarantinos "Pulp Fiction" at the end when the registration plate of Winston Wolfe, the mob's "Mr. Fixit", is shown as he drives away in his sports car.

Many people remember it being a vanity plate which read "MRWOLF", yet the movie today shows it as a typical random combination of no significance: "3ABM581".

People are convinced this is a Mandela Effect and say it doesn't make sense to be the way it is today, suggesting the shot is deliberate to emphasise his name, it's in keeping with Winstons character, plus the car was an expensive sports car of the kind where vanity plates are the norm.

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Bermeja Island

How did Indiana Jones hat look?

MMDE: Regular Fedora

Current: Fedora as tall as a top hat

The YouTuber Mandela Affected posted a video where he was struck by how different the hat which Harrison Ford wore in the movie "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" looked. This was picked up by MoneyBags73 and has since hit many people, who also see the current hat as one which is very different to the one they remember.

The current one is brown and shaped at the bottom like a fedora, but overall the same size as a top hat more fitting to a wedding or funeral.

Since the movie is so famous, there are many images of the hat around the internet, but they all show this strange elongation which jumps out so much at those who remember it being a regular fedora.

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Bermeja Island

Charlies Dickens Scrooge based on a British MP?

MMDE: Ebeneezer Scrooge was not based on a real person

Current: Ebeneezer Scrooge was based on a real person

There is strong evidence to suggest Charles Dickens character Scrooge, from A Christmas Carol, was based on a real person, which comes a quite a surprise to many people who were sure he'd been totally invented by the Victorian author. Even more confusing is the name, because it turns out the name is from a real - but different - person to the one we're all familiar with.

The story of the name is that Dickens was in Edinburgh, Scotland when he happened upon a cemetery with a grave for Ebeneezer Lennox Scroggie. The writing was worn, but appeared to him to read "He was a mean man", when in fact it said "He was a meal man", describing his work. This stayed in Dickens mind when he came to write A Christmas Carol. It's ironic that in all probability, Mr Scroggie was a kind person because he delivered meals to people.

The character is just as interesting. John Elwes was actually a British MP who inherited two separate fortunes, but refused to spend any of it which was in accordance with the way he had been brought up.

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Bermeja Island

Ramesses II Passport

MMDE: Ramesses II (1279-1213 BC) was issued a passport in 1974

Current: Ramesses II (1279-1213 BC) was not issued a passport in 1974

Sometimes the Mandela Effect is pointed to as explaining historical facts which seem to appear from nowhere, and they are expected to be much more widely known.

One such is the curious fact that Ramesses II was actually issued a passport in 1974, even though he'd been dead for thousands of years.

It was necessary to do this because his 3,000 year old body had to be flown to Paris for repairs, and the legislation in force did not take into account how long ago the individual died.

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Bermeja Island

Where is Bermeja Island?

MMDE: The Gulf of Mexico

Current: Bermeja Island does not exist

There's a curious anomaly regarding an island which appears on maps drawn in the 16th century. Situated off the North coast on the Yucatan Peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico, it's called Bermeja Island.

The problem? No one can find it in real life.

Neither a detailed survey in 1997 followed by an extensive one in 2009 conducted by the National Autonomous University of Mexico turned anything up, despite there being a very compelling incentive to do so - oil rights from the 200 mile border surrounding it.

The first mention of the island was on a map published in Madrid in 1539.