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Great White Shark

How many humans had been killed by a Great White Shark prior to JAWS in 1975?

MMDE: thousands

Current: 11

They've been around for 400 millions years, and evolved into the perfect killing machine so long ago they haven't changed since - but it was only in 1975 that the world came to really fear the great white shark when the movie JAWS came out. 

The popular idea at the time was that, over human history, thousands of even tens of thousands of humans had been killed by them. Many are surprised to find that the figure, for documented deaths of humans due to the great white shark up to then, was only 11.

Stories of sailors being attacked by sharks in wartime torpedoed battleships are plenty, but these don't involve the great white shark.

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John Lennon

What color was John Lennons suit in the "Imagine" video?

MMDE: John Lennons suit was white

Current: John Lennons suit was black

Most people know the John Lennon song "Imagine", and many of those above a certain age also remember the video, where he enters a mansion with Yoko Ono in which a white room contains a white grand piano. He's often appeared in a white suit - a great example being the Abbey Road album, where he wears one on the famous road crossing.

So what color suit was he wearing in the "Imagine" video?

If you thought it was white too, you are experiencing a false memory, because all records today show it was black - with white dots.

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Something to hide?

MMDE: Cinderella's ears are shown often

Current: Cinderella's ears are not shown

Remember Cinderella? Notice anything unusual about her - in particular, her ears? People are claiming they were never shown in the Disney cartoons, right up to the modern-day Wreck-it Ralph movie - which is all CGI.

In fact here ears weren't shown in earlier depictions of Cinderella, but it's was only really picked up since the Disney films, the first being in 1950. 

Cinderela as a story, where the skills and talents of an unknown servant were suddenly brought to light by some wonderful event, can be traced back over 2,000 years.

Historical Events  Science
Early electric car

First car to hit 100 kph in 1899?

MMDE: Not an electric car

Current: An electric car

When people hear the first car to hit 100 kph was electric in 1899, they think you're joking and might as well have said it was powered by the Flux Capacitor from "Back to the Future".

However, it's true, and it's an example of what some people point to as a Mandela Effect sub class termed "tech before it's time", where inventions which should be much more widely known due to their nature seem to suddenly appear in history from nowhere.

The speed record was achieved at Achères, Yvelines near Paris in France with 105.882 kph. No speeding tickets were issued ;-)

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Hyphens or not?

MMDE: Etch-A-Sketch

Current: Etch A Sketch

Many people remember doodling on an Etch-A-Sketch as children, which was launched in the 1960's and became an instant worldwide hit.

The problem is Etch-A-Sketch never existed - it's always been called "Etch A Sketch".

It's officially one one the 100 most memorable toys of the 20th century, according to the National Toy Hall of Fame, so you'd have thought there would be no confusion over how it's name is written. Also, few people realise the 12 second scene in Pixar's Toy Story saved the company in 1995 when it was facing a severe sales decline.

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First Fax

We need some toner

MMDE: First Fax sent in 1964

Current: First Fax sent in 1846

Here's a nice head-scratcher - when was the first fax sent?

There are quite a few reports of "tech before it's time" now, where everyday gadgets and tools seem to most people to have only been invented recently. The fax, however, suggests it needs a huge infrastructure of telecoms, protocols, and yes, toner. So when people hear it was 1846 it comes as quite the surprise, so much so that some are pointing to it as a Mandela Effect.

It's actually the first commercial fax, in the form people would today recognise, which was introduced by Xerox in 1964.

Alexander Bain filed a patent in 1843 to transmit an image over wires. He built a machine which did this in 1846. Both stations were only in one room, and involved synchronising pendulums via a clock, but although the resulting transmission was of low quality, it was the first image sent using electricity via wires. In other words, the world's first fax.

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Stove Top Stuffing

Happy thanksgiving

MMDE: Stouffers made Stove Top Stuffing

Current: Stouffers did not make Stove Top Stuffing

Ahh thanksgiving ... warm, fond memories of family, turkey and a generous helping of Stouffers Stove Top Stuffing. Hang on - there's something wrong with this picture - can you see what?

If you can't, you may be experiencing a Mandela Effect. because Stouffers never made Stove Top Stuffing.

Stouffers was formed in 1914 in Ohio, and went on to open restaurants and hotels under the same brand name, before becoming best known for its line of frozen foods. It's now owned by Nestlé. But they don't, and never did, Stove Top Stuffing.