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Historical Events  Brands
Historical Events  Brands
Barbie Girl

Is she in "a" Barbie world or "the" Barbie world?

Misheard lyrics could explain many Mass Memory Discrepancy Effects, including the line from the Barbie Girl song where she sings she is in "a/the" Barbie world.

Technical explanations for this include the slight pronunciation differences the band, Aqua, have being from Norway, autotune being used on the vocals and just a straightforward blurring of the words themselves - try repeating "in a" many times and you could be excused for saying "in the".

Misheard lyrics which could go either way when listened to today are completely different from totally changed lyrics, but still there are some who claim this is the case with our cute little doll friend.

Historical Events  Brands
Oxy Clean

As clean as fresh air

MMDE: Oxy Clean

Current: Oxi Clean

They might be pronounced the same, but to Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect observers there's a whole world of difference between the old "Oxy Clean" and the current "Oxi Clean". That's because those who remember it the old way are having a hard time finding any evidence it ever was the way they say it used to be.

It's been around since 1999, and many people are familiar with either using it or seeing it in the stores as they walk by.

The explanation of a simple rebranding is always a problem with these kind of effects. For a start, no-one can remember an actual rebranding event, and probably more importantly the idea a nationwide, or global business would tinker with a brand name without good reason is a non-starter  - they invest millions in it, and are definitely there for the long-term.

Historical Events  Brands

Is nothing sacred?

MMDE: Häagen-Das

Current: Häagen-Dazs

This famous premium ice-cream brand has been around since 1961 - but how, exactly, is it spelt, and has it always been spelt that way?

Created in the Bronx, New York by Reuben and Rose Mattus, it brought the world such delights as the Banana Brownie Split, Cookies and Cream and Strawberry Cheesecake amongst many others.

Some people remember the current spelling of "Häagen-Dazs" differently, where the final "s" is dropped. The usual problems with there being a branding change apply - companies are extremely reluctant to do this without good reason since they usually invest millions in establishing it, and the longer it has been around the more so this is the case.

Historical Events  Brands
Peace symbol

Which way up?

MMDE: Feet up

Current: Feet down

Did the peace symbol change - or is it a Mandela Effect?

Most associated with the campaign against nuclear weapons, the peace symbol rose to prominence in the 60's and has been a central focus from the hippy movement onwards.

Some recall it being inverted from the one we see today, where they remember the "feet" being up at the top. There is some residual evidence of this on the internet, but most references show it with the feet down.

Historical Events  Brands
Proctor & Gamble

One of the worlds oldest brands!

MMDE: Proctor & Gamble

Current: Procter & Gamble

More branding anomalies, and this time it's going right back to 1837 with one of the world's oldest - P&G.

Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, the massive American consumer goods corporation is famous the world over having taken it's name from the two founders - but was it William Proctor and James Gamble or William Procter and James Gamble?

Businesses recognise the value of a brand, and will never do anything to cause confusion in their customers minds without a really good reason. P&G have a century and a half's worth of marketing knowledge, so know this more than most. The people who remember the old spelling either have a genuine false memory or are experiencing the Mandela Effect

Historical Events  Brands
Coke Zero

It's the real thing

MMDE: Coke Zero appeared on cans

Current: Coke Zero never appeared on cans

We have to be careful with this one.

Coca-Cola scrapped the brand "Coke Zero" amongst falling sales due to it's growing army of health-conscious consumers. The Mandela Effect here is the fact many remember the name "Coke Zero" actually appearing on the cans and bottles for years before this, when in fact all references today show it only showed the full name "Coca-Cola Zero".

One YouTube poster even claims he actually saw it change in front of his eyes.

Some are saying it's just the common way of abbreviating Coca-Cola, as in "fancy a Coke?", but applied to Coca-Cola Zero, so that becomes "fancy a Coke Zero?". Others are definitely not convinced...

Historical Events  Brands
Alaskan Airlines

When Santas sleigh breaks down ...

MMDE: Alaskan Airlines

Current: Alaska Airlines

Founded in 1932 as McGee Airways and currently offering 118 destinations, the famous smiling face on their tail fin cements them as a part of American/Eskimo history - but what is their name, exactly? Many swear it is "Alaskan Airllines", yet all references today show it is, and has always been, "Alaska Airlines."

Sometimes a Mandela Effect can be explained by nothing more unusual than the way our brains like to smooth out any awkwardness in speech and communication. If I were to ask you if you'd like "a apple", it's not only grammatically incorrect, it sounds more jarring than "an apple". In fact, that's the reason we now use "an" rather than "a" in situations such as this. It could be argued the same process is taking place here, except this time Alaska Airlines is not grammatically incorrect being the actual name, so we unconciously change it for the same reason as the apple example. 

Historical Events  Brands

Moving Target

MMDE: 3 red rings

Current: 2 red rings

Initially formed as Goodfellow Dry Goods in 1902, the Target logo is familiar to all. But how familiar, exactly? Some are saying the one we see today with two red and one white ring has been changed to that from one with two red, two white rings.

The usual problems with a logo changing apply. Basically, long established brands have invested serious money into them and want you to think of them as soon as you see their logo. They will never tinker with it without a very good reason, and the target one is a great example of this. 

Historical Events  Brands
Dr Martens

The Doc knows best

MMDE: Dr. Martins

Current: Dr. Martens

How exactly were the famous tough boots from the British footwear manufacturer spelt - was it Doc Martin or Doc Marten?

All records today show the spelling has remained unchanged from Dr. Martens since its formation in 1947.

As if it needed complicating any further, the founder is actually spelt Dr. Klaus Maertens, who invented the air-cushioned sole to help him recover when wounded as a soldier.

There is also a TV series called "Doc Martin" which has no connection with the footwear company, but might have contributed in some way to the misspelling confusion.  In any case, many are sure this is a Mandela Effect because they swear it used to be spelt Doc Martins.