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Apple Cider Vinegar

Established in 1912, the popular line of Apple Cider Vinegar has been used variously as a food additive and helped with cleaning products across the globe. Vinegar can also kill bacteria - it's been used for wound cleaning for thousands of years. 

But what exactly is the name of the company? Some are sure it was Bragg's, but all references today show it as the singular Bragg. Are they experiencing an MMDE?  

Reddit is - suprise! - divided.


It's most popular use is as a condiment in cooking similar to soy sauce. It's not widely known outside the US, but many there are familiar with the bottle which seems to lurk in some cupboard of most US kitchens. The company and brand was founded by Paul Bragg, who is considered an early pioneer of the health food store movement.

Look in your cupboard

The Braggs ME is one which catches many people. Often, someone will  point it out and hear an answer like "I bought some just a few weeks back and I *know* what it was called", only to dig it from their cupboard to find they had been wrong all along.

People report using Braggs Liquid Aminos, to give the full name they think it is, for years, and are genuinely shocked to see what's been apparently staring them in the face all along: Bragg.

It's in the same kind of class as Depends in that this isn't actually a spelling change, it's the difference between the singular and plural form of the terms. Common use has probably contributed to these as in "When you're in the store, don't forget to get some Braggs" and similar variations are the natural way to say it, even when it's known to be singular, so it's easy to see how over time this would morph into the name itself gaining that "s".