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MMDE: Depends

Current: Depend

Everyone remembers this brand name as "Depends", yet when you see it today it is the singular "Depend".

Searching the internet throws up several references, and images, of the "remembered" name.

One explanation could be the phrase used in common language has become ingrained to such a level it is taken as the real name. For example, one would usually say "I am just going out to buy some Depends" even if the brand name is the singular "Depend". Repeating this often enough could lead to the word "Depends" being used in all circumstances, including remembering what the actual brand name is. 

Since 1984

The Depend brand was the adult version of Huggies, which Kimberly-Clark introduced for infants in 1978.

This is one of a class of Mandela Effect which specifically relate to a word being singular or plural.

A marketing first

Depend launched the largest integrated marketing campaign in brand history on March 30, 2009, featuring TV, online, print, direct mail, in-store communication and public relations elements.