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Tim Curry died in 2012

Tim Curry did not die in 2012

Let's do it again

The Rocky Horror show legend Tim Curry is famous for his timewarp song, so it's only fitting the great man hoimself is the subject of a Mandela Effect. Well, several actually, since they all relate to his death, with many blurring the lines between the usual celebrity death hoaxes and what people believe are actual Mandela Effects.

Unfortunately, Tim had a stroke in 2012 and it seems its this that most people are being confused by. Many swear that he in fact did die then, right down to the media running "life story" programmes and reruns of his movies.

When these false death rumours resurfaced in 2020, he had something to say about them...


It's not often the subject of a Mandela Effect gets to comment on them, but in this case Tim showed his usual wit and irony by replying directly to a tweet which brought it up:

tim curry tweet 542x278

Tim's portrayal of Dr. Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show of 1975 catapulted him to fame, when he brought to the big screen a role he'd been playing in West End and Los Angeles musicals for a few years before then. Horror fans remember his role as Pennywise in the 1990 version of Stephen Kings IT, and Sci-Fi fans remember him as Palpatine in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and as The Lord of Darkness in Legend. He did, however, return to the genre he was best known for, comedy, in movies such as Clue, Home Alone2, loaded Weapon 1 and Scary Movie 2.

Although his stroke in 2012 meant he was confined to a wheelchair, it did not mean his acting career was over. Far from it, and he continued as a voice actor and singer, appearing at many fan conventions in the US.