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Red above blue

Blue above red

What colors are the chevrons on the logo?

With it's roots going back to 1879, Chevron is one of the worlds largest companies. It's logo is very familiar the world over, but has it always been the way you remembered it?

Many are reporting the colors on the two chevron shapes have swapped over, that is, they remember the red one above the blue one rather than vice versa.

The Chevron we know today was created as a result of the federal government breaking up Standard Oil in 1911. One of the smaller parts, Standard Oil Co. (California), was using the Chevron name in the 1930's where it, and the logo branding, was adopted for the company moving forwards.

Present from the earliy oil rush

Chevron's roots can be traced to 1876 when oil was discovered just north of Los Angeles by a company going by the name of Star Oil. It was then producing 25 barrels of oil per day and marks the start of the entire oil business in California. Technically, they weren't the first to discover oil, that happened 11 years earlier, but they were the first to market and capitalise it. Star Oil was bought by the Pacific Coast Oil Company which later was acquired by Standard Oil, who then went on to become Chevron.


Look at how the logo has been seen in the wild. Is this photoshopping, or perhaps the sign was assembled in parts and whoever put it up got it wrong? Or is is something else...? This is the same station taken a few years apart:




The logo we see today first appeared in 1931. Sometimes with the Mandela Effect, we become totally blind to things we see every day. It's almost as if the brain is behaving as if the thing we see is so common there's no need to actually store any detail. Only when paying particular attention to it does that memory then "snap" in, making some people think we had it wrong all along.