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Quaker Oats

The Quaker oats guy is old

The Quaker oats guy is young

Quaker Oats

People are remembering the guy in the Quaker Oats logo being old, and are surprised to find today he's actually a lot younger.

Whilst he's hardly a teenager, he wouldn't be described as senior either.

No doubt this MMDE is welcomed by the marketing team behind the oats, and perhaps we'll see some new advertising angle promoting it's youth-restoring properties as a selling point.

There's another issue with the Quaker Oats guy - his hat. Some are saying they remember a three pointed shape, more in line with those worn during the 18th century, and see his current one doesn't seem to fit with the rest of his outtfit, being more like a cowboy hat 

William Penn

The Quaker Oats guy is based on a real person - William Penn. His likeness was first used for promoting the product in 1877, although he wasn't around at the time because he was one of the original early Quakers from the 17th century. Come to think of it, if they had used him at the time he'd have looked very senior indeed...