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Haas Avocados

Haas/Hass avocados?

MMDE: Haas avocados

Current: Hass avocados

Another spelling MMDE.

Most everyone aware of the brand spells it Haas, yet this isn't the way it's supposed to have been from the start, 90 years ago.

The avaocado was popularised by Rudolph Hass in 1926 and patented in 1935, from which they took their name. There are many, many references to Haas on the internet today, and to many it just seems to have changed names suddenly for no reason, which is why it's being pointed to as a Mandela Effect.

Some are even questioning the spellling of avocado itself, and swearing it used to be avacado...

Mail man

Rudolph Hass was the mail man in La Habra, California in 1935 but had a hobby of cultivating avocados in his back yard. He eventually came up with a strain which produced fruit all year, and ended up producing 85 percent of all the states avocados in the state.

The original tree which they came from only died in 2002, but by then others cultivated from it are now on most plantations in the county.