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Historical Events  Brands

She's back!

MMDE: Laughing cow has gold ear-rings

Current: Laughing cow has cheese packets for ear-rings

In a bizarre twist to the existing Mandela Effect regarding her nose ring, it turns out some are reporting - and have done so actually in the original report - that the famous laughing cow from the cheese brand had golden earrings. Now all that is seen are the little trademark cheese packets.

This might not be such a big deal, except for them being specifically mentioned in the original Reddit thread

"She has earrings with visible rings, which can be confusing when trying to remember her appearance". The post identifying the new change also shows how they were referred to as red ear rings and, separately, "dangling, hoop-like ear rings".

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Diddle eee-dee diddle eee-dee diddle eee-dee doooo

MMDE: Nokia is Japanese

Current: Nokia is Finnish

Welcome to the Mandela Effect, where the same one can sound completely ridiculous to some people, yet plausible to others. Take this one for instance, and compare how someone from Finland would regard it compared to someone from the US. The report is that many people are saying they remember Nokia being originally Japanese and not Finnish, as seen today.

The name does sound like it could be from the Far East to Western ears, but those affected claim they already knew that today all references point to Finland, yet they remember a time when it was Japanese.

Nokia has had a roller coaster ride over the past couple of decades, where at one point it was the undisputed king of mobile phones. It somehow lost it's way when competitors launched smartphones, and even ended up being bought by Microsoft at one point. Today, it is seeing a resurgence with a new range of modern smartphone handsets, but at the moment it's just the name that's been licensed.

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Barbie Girl

Is she in "a" Barbie world or "the" Barbie world?

MMDE: In a Barbie world

Current: In the Barbie world

Misheard lyrics could explain many Mass Memory Discrepancy Effects, including the line from the Barbie Girl song where she sings she is in "a/the" Barbie world.

Technical explanations for this include the slight pronunciation differences the band, Aqua, have being from Norway, autotune being used on the vocals and just a straightforward blurring of the words themselves - try repeating "in a" many times and you could be excused for saying "in the".

Misheard lyrics which could go either way when listened to today are completely different from totally changed lyrics, but still there are some who claim this is the case with our cute little doll friend.

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Oxy Clean

As clean as fresh air

MMDE: Oxy Clean

Current: Oxi Clean

They might be pronounced the same, but to Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect observers there's a whole world of difference between the old "Oxy Clean" and the current "Oxi Clean". That's because those who remember it the old way are having a hard time finding any evidence it ever was the way they say it used to be.

It's been around since 1999, and many people are familiar with either using it or seeing it in the stores as they walk by.

The explanation of a simple rebranding is always a problem with these kind of effects. For a start, no-one can remember an actual rebranding event, and probably more importantly the idea a nationwide, or global business would tinker with a brand name without good reason is a non-starter  - they invest millions in it, and are definitely there for the long-term.

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Is nothing sacred?

MMDE: Häagen-Das

Current: Häagen-Dazs

This famous premium ice-cream brand has been around since 1961 - but how, exactly, is it spelt, and has it always been spelt that way?

Created in the Bronx, New York by Reuben and Rose Mattus, it brought the world such delights as the Banana Brownie Split, Cookies and Cream and Strawberry Cheesecake amongst many others.

Some people remember the current spelling of "Häagen-Dazs" differently, where the final "s" is dropped. The usual problems with there being a branding change apply - companies are extremely reluctant to do this without good reason since they usually invest millions in establishing it, and the longer it has been around the more so this is the case.

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Peace symbol

Which way up?

MMDE: Feet up

Current: Feet down

Did the peace symbol change - or is it a Mandela Effect?

Many people associate this with the campaign against nuclear weapons, which was adopted by that organisation in the 60's and has been a central focus from the hippy movement onwards. It's origins can be traced back much further than that, however, and there are some suprising places it's been seen in the past.

Some recall it being inverted from the one we see today, where they remember the "feet" being up at the top. There is some residual evidence of this on the internet, but most references show it with the feet down.

Historical Events  Brands
Proctor & Gamble

One of the worlds oldest brands!

MMDE: Proctor & Gamble

Current: Procter & Gamble

More branding anomalies, and this time it's going right back to 1837 with one of the world's oldest - P&G.

Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, the massive American consumer goods corporation is famous the world over having taken it's name from the two founders - but was it William Proctor and James Gamble or William Procter and James Gamble?

Businesses recognise the value of a brand, and will never do anything to cause confusion in their customers minds without a really good reason. P&G have a century and a half's worth of marketing knowledge, so know this more than most. The people who remember the old spelling either have a genuine false memory or are experiencing the Mandela Effect.

There's a wierd story about the P&G logo that predates the internet. It goes like this - the Phil Donahue show in the early 1980's had the head of P&G on and was asked why their logo was a satanic symbol. This rumour persisted tdown the years, and is apparently behind it's redesign in 2013.