Historical Events  Brands
Historical Events  Brands

There really never was  a product called "Febreeze"?

MMDE: Febreeze

Current: Febreze

Some people are experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect with the popular Procter & Gamble air freshener introduced in 1995.

Today, all references are to "Febreze", but many have alternate memories of it being Febreeze".

The name "Febreeze" would fit better because it's an air freshener and we all like to think of Fresh Breezes in this way, so a using the full "breeze" in the name is appropriate.

There are several references to "Febreeze" on the internet - for example, an instructable on how to make your own, but this could just be people recalling the name without actually double checking the spelling.

Historical Events  Brands
Ford logo

One little curl

MMDE: No "pigtail" swirl on the F

Current: Has a "pigtail" swirl on the F

Everyone is familiar with the Ford Motor Co. logo, but some remember there never being a curly "pig tail" swirl in the capital F which is seen today.

Those experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect are sure it was never there, yet all references and images today show it has been present since 1912.

However, a few instances of the logo without this swirl have been found.

Supposedly, the logo is based on Henry Fords own signature, but no surviving images of that show this little embellishment.

Historical Events  Brands
Gortons Fish Products

1849 is a long time ago

MMDE: Gordons fish products

Current: Gortons fish products

Some people are claiming the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect has happened to them with respect to Gortons Fish Products.

They swear the name was always "Gordons" and has changed everywhere since.

There is plenty of evidence for "Gordons", but all the offical references are for "Gortons".

"Trust the Gordons Fishermen" is a slogan familiar to many, but those many apparently have it wrong now. 

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Fruit Loops

Fruit -> Froot -> Fruit

MMDE: Fruit Loops

Current: Froot Loops

This one appears to keep changing!

Wikipedia (currently) says the popular Kelloggs breakfast cereal was launched in 1962 as "Froot Loops". 

Several people have seen references to "Fruit Loops" and there is some evidence of this on the web. This could be explained by Kelloggs themselves changing the branding so the "OO" is styled in the form of the cereal if it was the other way round, but that's not the direction it went - the "OO" was supposed to always have been there, and the "Fruit" spelling the one it changed to, for many people.

Things gets stranger when reports come in of it changing back again!

Historical Events  Brands


MMDE: Depends

Current: Depend

Everyone remembers this brand name as "Depends", yet when you see it today it is the singular "Depend".

Searching the internet throws up several references, and images, of the "remembered" name.

One explanation could be the phrase used in common language has become ingrained to such a level it is taken as the real name. For example, one would usually say "I am just going out to buy some Depends" even if the brand name is the singular "Depend". Repeating this often enough could lead to the word "Depends" being used in all circumstances, including remembering what the actual brand name is.