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TV showed panic and people dropping in the streets in Wuhan

TV did not show panic and people dropping in the streets in Wuhan

Covid-19: TV showed Wuhan mass panic?

2020 was the year of the global lockdowns due to the Covid 19 pandemic, with the sign of everyone wearing a face mask becoming the new normal.

When the outbreak was first reported, it was shown to be from Wuhan with reports of it suspected to have originated in a bat. However, there are also reports that the TV at the time showed much more, with mass panic and people falling in the streets as the army moved in to control the chaos. Whilst there are some reports from this time online, none of the kind people remember seeing are available now. Certainly, as Covid spread throughout the world, its effects, whilst serious, were nothing like as dramatic anywhere else.

Is this a 2020 Mandela Effect, or is something else going on such as censorship after the event?

Mass panic in Wuhan?

The scenes on the TV are described as being from December 2019-Jan 2020 and showing "people in Wuhan collapsing in the streets, having seizures, army personnel, pop up hospitals, mass cremations, etc". It's all come to light because of that reaction, which as the virus spread throughout the world didn't do anything like that elsewhere. People report seeing coronavirus victims convulsing on hospital beds, which as we now know doesn't cause that to happen.

There are many reports of people seeing these videos:

People in Wuhan suddenly fell over in the street and died, convulsing. I can't say there were bodies everywhere. But there were enough that people had gotten to the point of avoiding them while going to work.

This is what people were very, very scared of back in Jan/Feb.

-- Reddit, user Undernourish


There's another Mandela Effect regarding people's memories of TV reports which later turned out to be missing, and this one was actually endorsed by none other than President Donald Trump. The one here is that immediately after the 9/11 attacks, people distinctly remember seeing TV footage from other countries of masses of people dancing and celebrating on the streets. None can now be found, but the president still insists he saw it himself.

Conspiracy theories

There are some pretty wild conspiracy theories surrounding covid as it is, and it's no surprise many overlap with the Wuhan panic being discussed, These include China faking the whole thing, with nothing but actors, cameras and well-targeted social media posts, either to control their own population or cause chaos outside it. Another gruesome one is China rounded up the sick and "disappeared" them in order to attempt to eliminate the virus, which at the time was of unknown danger levels. Therefore, the people were panicking as the army went in but not for the reasons everyone thought.

Detractors point to the apparent normality which has returned to China as they tell the West they now have the virus controlled down to safe levels. This clearly will cause upset whilst the West is far from that position, but then again the West says you can never believe what China says.

Either way, the people remembering these videos on TV are not backing down, and claim we are witnessing a Mandela Effect unfolding before us.