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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson wore a white glove on his right hand

Michael Jackson wore a white glove on his left hand

Diamond White - but on which hand?

Michael Jackson certainly didn't need any trademark gimmicks to get ahead in his stellar musical career. However, one thing he was well known for from the early days was his wearing of a single white glove on one hand. He said of it “I felt one glove was cool. Wearing two seemed so ordinary."

That's the subject of a Mandela Effect now, because whereas all the videos and photographs today show he only ever wore it on his left hand, there are some who are sure they remember it on his right. It's been that way since he played Billie Jean on TV in 1983 during the Motown 25th anniversary special. It was sold for £85,000 at auction in 2020 to an anonymous bidder in Texas.


The glove was donated to Unicef in 1998, which was part of the authentication process of it's auction sale.

The story of how he came to first wear one is quite well-known. Michael was at a meeting for the production of his hit Can you feel it? when he was taken on a tour of the studios of Robert Abel & Associates, the production company. When he came to the Chief Film Editor, Rick Ross's room, he was hard at work editing a commercial. For this work, Rick wore short white cotton gloves as he ran the footage through his fingers looking for special marks, a common practice for editors of the day. A box of these gloves was kept on the side, which Jackson spotted and asked Rick for one. It later gained diamonds and sequins, and he wore it for the rest of his career. But on which hand?