Historical Events  Science

Bananas - Which way up do they grow?

MMDE: Fixed at top, pointing downwards

Current: Fixed at bottom, pointing upwards

Here's a peculiar one - which way up do bananas grow?

Some people are claiming they don't remember them growing the way they appear today, i.e. with the fixed part at the bottom and the fruit pointing upwards, and are pointing to this as an MMDE.

This could get confusing, because therer are some rarer types which do grow downwards. However, the sight of a bunch of "upside down" bananas (as they call them) growing on a tree still hits them as something they were sure they'd have known about.

One reason people seem surprised could be mundane - you always see bunches in supermarkets, grocery stores etc, laid out downwards, so assume that's how they grew in the wild.

Historical Events  Art
Hiking emjoji

Where is the hiking emoji?

MMDE: There's a hiking emoji

Current: The hiking emoji people remember is missing

This is an unusual MMDE, because it might be fixed at any time, so all we can report is that as at Aug 2018, there was no hiking emoji whereas many people remember there being one.

Reddit shows an example of a report of this, where emojis for many other outdoor activities are plentiful but for some reason the hiking one was not only missing, but the details of what it looked like were very clear too. It was described as a figure with two sticks, brown hair, a red shirt and blue shorts.

Pretty detailed for something which never existed!

Historical Events  TV
George and Gracie

George said "Say goodnight, Gracie" and Gracie replied?

MMDE: Goodnight, Gracie

Current: Goodnight

Many people (of a certain age) remember the way George Burns always ended his Burns and Allen show from the 1950's onwards. His partner, Gracie Allen, was portrayed as being a friendly nice-but-scatterbrained character, so when he ended by turning to her and saying "Say goodnight, Gracie", she supposedly replied "Goodnight Gracie".

This meme has been repeated many times over the decades since the show.

The problem is those who remember it as so are experiencing an MMDE, because she didn't say this - she replied with just "Goodnight".

The origin of the phrase doesn't seem to have dissuaded those who swear she said it.

Historical Events  General
Nieuport 16

When did the first air-to-air missiles appear?

MMDE: 1930

Current: 1916

Another "tech before it's time" has appeared, which some are pointing to as an MMDE because it seems it should have been much more widely known, and appears to suddenly have come from nowhere. 

This time it's air-to-air missiles, i.e. fired from one aircraft and aimed at another. Bearing in mind the first airplane was invented by the Wright brothers in 1902, it comes as quite a shock to many to discover the year the missiles first appeared was 1916.

They were called the Le Prieur rocket and were actually designed to be fired at observations balloons and airships, which were prevalent during WW1. Obviously unguided, they were fairly crude by today's standards being not much more than a cardboard tube filled with gunpowder and a sharp, knife-like projectile for penetrating the balloons/airships.

Historical Events  General
Status of Liberty's gold torch

What shape is the flame on the torch?

MMDE: Smooth, rounded, symmetrical pointing straight up

Current: Sharp, unbalanced with flames pointing to the side

People have noticed something different about the flame in the torch of the Statue of Liberty.

At first, they couldn't quite place it, but when asked to draw it they drew the torch as having a flame which pointed straight up. It was only when the way it appears today was shown to them that the realised they are experiencing an MMDE, because the flame is unbalanced, with a "finger" shape pointing off to the side.

The torch was replaced in 1986 and is covered in 24K gold.

Historical Events  Music
Billy Joel

"Son can you play me a _____?"

MMDE: Memory

Current: Melody

People have noticed something odd about the first verse of Billy Joe's "Piano Man".

They remember the line as "Son can you play me a memory", whereas now it's melody. Sure, the word "melody" does appear later in the chorus but this specific MMDE is that it was there in the first verse.

There's a thread on Reddit showing many examples of residue for this one, along with speculation regarding why in particular the word "memory" is subject to a false memory effect...

Historical Events  Brands
Raisin Bran

Wearing sunglasses?

MMDE: Wore sunglasses

Current: Did not wear sunglasses

Did the cheerful Raisin Bran sun, happily smiling out from the front of the famous breakfast cereal box, wear sunglasses?

Many people swear he did, but all references today show he never has done.

This isn't the first MMDE to involve a "did he/didn't he" regarding sunglasses - Tom Cruise is another with "Risky Business".