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Historical Events  Movies
Batman symbol

When was the first Batman movie?

MMDE: 1960's

Current: 1940's

Many people are aware that there was a Superman movie in the 1950's. When you ask them about Batman however, they just remember Adam West playing him in the 1960's and think that was his first appearance on film. They are surprised to hear he was around even earlier than Superman.

Batman first appeared in comic form, since his creation by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. In fact his first two movies were in the 1940's and titled Batman (1943) and Batman and Robin (1949). The first actor to play him on film was Lewis Wilson, and his role was played by Robert Lowery in the second movie. There's some controversy around the first movie. Since it was made by the US during World War 2, there is a great deal of anti-Japanese sentiment present.

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Goonies 2

Was there a Goonies 2?

MMDE: The sequel to Goonies is Goonies 2

Current: The sequel to Goonies does not exist

Recently there has been speculation of a sequel the the 1985 Goonies movie, which has caused some confusion amongst those experiencing the Mandela Effect. That's because they are sure there already was one, which came out not long after the original. They even remember some of the story line, and the fact the movie, unfortunately, was nothing like as good as the original. In fact they claim it totally sucked.

Internet searches for "goonies 2" show there was a work with that name, but it was a video game. Those who remember it say they either had no interest or knowledge of this, and are definitely not confusing it with the movie sequel.

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Hunger Games

Player explodes at start

MMDE: A player at the start fell off their pod and exploded

Current: A player at the start did not fall off their pod and explode

At the start of the 'Hunger Games' movie and book the players are lined up on starting pod as an ominous countdown timer booms out across the playing field. The players can see their weapon packs just ahead of them, and know how important they will be once everything has kicked off.

Many remember one of the players falling off before the timer reached zero, either because they were too eager or just lost their balance. They remember this player instantly exploding in a ball of fire, yet this isn't see in the movie today. There are plenty of other movies which something similar happens, but those who remember it are certain it was in the Hunger Games.

Some suggest it may have been in the book, but again there's no reference today. 

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Gene Wilder

Gene Wilder's most famous role?

MMDE: Gene Wilder was in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Current: Gene Wilder was not in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Roald Dahls famous book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" has been delighting children, and many grown-up children, for decades since it was written in 1964.

Featuring the colorful Willy Wonka, the book went on to be adapted as a musical movie twice, the first of which starred Gene Wilder as the lead role, Willy Wonka, in 1971.

Yet there's something odd here, because although world famous for the role and this movie, he wasn't in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at all - the one he was in was called Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory. 

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Missing movie quote

A reverse Mandela Effect

MMDE: The source is known for: "What does it do?" "That's the beauty of it, it doesn't do anything!"

Current: The source is not known for: "'What does it do?" "That's the beauty of it, it doesn't do anything!"

Here's a strange reverse Mandela Effect. It's a quote from a movie which many know, but apparently is permanently on the tip of everyone's tongue because the source it came from doesn't exist!

The quote is two people talking to each other: 'What does it do?' 'That's the beauty of it, it doesn't do anything!'. Sound familiar? It's certainly got a Back to the Future kind of movie vibe, a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy book feeling to it, or maybe even a Far Side cartoon strip style, but searching today doesn't bring up it's true origin. People can picture the two characters speaking, one is usually some kind of investigator and the other a crazy scientist or inventor type. But where is it from?

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The voice of an AI

MMDE: HAL said "Good morning, Dave"

Current: HAL did not say "Good morning, Dave"

HAL, the famous computer from 2001: A Space odyssey, has an instantly recognisable voice many remember for his conversations with the crew, and his eerie rendition of "Daisy Bell" at the end.

There's a phrase many remember him using which is nowhere to be seen in the movie today: "Good morning, Dave". It's a straightforward comment, and you can imagine his distinctive voice saying it, but it's not there at all.

There are many missing quote Mandela Effects from movies of this kind, including "Hello, Clarice(The Silence of the Lambs), "What if I told you...(The Matrix) etc.

Still, at least its not "Open the pod bay doors, HAL" which is no longer there ;-) 

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Where did ET touch Elliot when he said "I'll be right here"?

MMDE: Heart

Current: Head

Everyone remember the tear-jerking scene at the end of the movie 'ET: The Extra-Terrestrial' where he leaves Elliot, but there's one detail some remember differently. Did ET point to Elliots head or heart when he said 'I'll be right here'?

This isn't the only Mandela Effect related to ET - the one where he first learns to speak, and reverses the later line he used "ET phone home"  is another one.

To confuse things even more, some remember the scene differently in that ET and Elliot only touched fingertips.

Something else very relevant is the Pizza Hut drinking glasses advert from the 1980's - they show various scenes from the movie, including ET touching Elliots chest.