Historical Events  Movies
Historical Events  Movies
Field of Dreams

Who will come if you build it?

MMDE: If you build it, THEY will come

Current: If you build it, HE will come

The whispering voice speaking to Ray Kinsella whilst he is walking through his cornfield told him "If you build it, HE will come". Well, that's if you watch the movie today - those experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect say it has been changed to that from the way they remember it as "If you build it, THEY will come."

Many references to it being "they" exist today, such as the LA Times and the Associated Press, but detractors will just claim these are also mere misrememberings.

This wording change has a crucial meaning for the entire film. The point of the story is Ray risking valuable crop space on a business venture which he hopes will save his farm, so clearly for this to work he needs both players and spectators to come. If the message uses "they", it reassures him he will be OK directly with this. However, as the story plays out, Joe Jackson, Rays' fathers favourite baseball player, turns up and is the catalyst needed to ultimately bring the other players and spectators, so "he" makes sense from this perspective too.

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Back to the future van

Now its a VW van - some remember it as a Toyota

Well, a movie specifically dealing with altering reality just had to feature a Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect itself now, didn't it? We even get to see it in action as their actions actually cause newspaper articles to change before their very eyes.

Many remember the terrorist van, in which the terrorists who were trying to get the Doc to make a nuclear weapon for them but he used their plutonium to power his time machine, killed him with machine guns.

Watch the movie today and you see a distinctive VM minibus, yet many remember it as a Toyota. Some even remember it as both! Now thats truly ironic... 

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Wizard of Oz

I've a feeling/I don't think

MMDE: Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore

Current: Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore

The Wizard of Oz features several times as a Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect, which is remarkable for such a well-known movie.

The famous line from Dorothy as soon as she is transported there has also come up for scrutiny. See it today, and you hear "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore", and not the claimed original of "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore".

As reported with the other incidents related to the Wizard of Oz, this could be connected to the fact there have been several cuts of the movie since the orginal degraded so much after being badly stored for years.

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When Jaws fell in love

MMDE: Dolly, the girl Jaws met, wore braces

Current: Dolly, the girl Jaws met, did not wear braces

During what is regarded as James Bonds "comedy" years, Moonraker in 1979 featured the seemingly invincible baddie "Jaws", played by the formidable Richard Kiel.  

Known as Jaws because of his fearsome metal teeth, he ended up crashing a cable car and emerging from the wreckage, only to see a sweet young girl approach to the sound of majestic violins. There is a brief awkward moment, when their eyes first meet across the dust and rubble, then the camera zooms into his face and he gives a huge flash of his sharp silver dentures. Then the girls face is shown as she smiles back, and here's where the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect kicks in - was she wearing metal braces too?

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Hello, Clarice

More misrememberings

MMDE: Hannibal says "Hello, Clarice"

Current: Hannibal does not say "Hello, Clarice"

Watch Silence of the Lambs today, and in the scene where Hannibal Lecter first meets Clarice, many people think he says "Hello, Clarice" from behind the glass wall of his cell.

Today, all he says is "morning". So where did all these references come from? There are dozens, from parody speeches, refs in sitcoms, comics - you don't have to search too hard to find them.

Even Antony Hopkins himself said he was amused by the "Lecter-isms" surrounding the character after the film - catchy phrases which became a meme, of which "Hello, Clarice" is one.

Whatever the reason, this seems a very popular example of the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect we can all get our teeth into.

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You say tomato

No sunglasses in the dance scene?

MMDE: Tom Cruise wore sunglasses in the Risky Business dance scene

Current: Tom Cruise did not wear sunglasses in the Risky Business dance scene

Tom Cruise wore RayBans throughout the 80's movie Risky Business ... but not in the famous dance scene?

Those experiencing the Mandela Effect claim he definitely did, but if you watch the movie today he didn't.

This is one where there are many references - in the form of parodies/tributes etc - where all of them are wearing the trademark sunglasses. The photo's of Tom in the covers advertising the movie all show them, so could every single one of these just have misremembered this, having had the image of him wearing them throughout planted in their memories?

See for yourself in the video - sure, he has no trousers on, but no sunglasses?

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Man behind the curtain

Another Wizard of Oz MMDE!

MMDE: Pay no attention to THE man behind the curtain

Current: Pay no attention to THAT man behind the curtain

The Wizard of Oz must win the award for the most Mass Memory Discrepancy Effects!

At the end, (spoiler alert!), when finally confronting the fearsome Wizard, Dorothy's dog Toto pulls back a curtain to reveal a little man working some machinery. A voice booms out "Pay no attention to THAT man behind the curtain" - or was it "pay no attention to THE man behind the curtain"?

Today you'll only find "that" man is being said, but if you ask most people they'd say it was "the" man.

This is another meme - the phrase is often used to describe some kind of hidden controller in a general way, where some unseen hand is guiding things in, for example, fields such as politics or business. It's easy to see how it could have been changed this way when making the transition. In the Oz scene, he is physically present, so the more specific "that" is appropriate, whereas in the general meme the subject is unseen so "the" is better suited. Or is that what you're supposed to think? :-)