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Goonies 2

The sequel to Goonies is Goonies 2

The sequel to Goonies does not exist

Was there a Goonies 2?

Recently there has been speculation of a sequel the the 1985 Goonies movie, which has caused some confusion amongst those experiencing the Mandela Effect. That's because they are sure there already was one, which came out not long after the original. They even remember some of the story line, and the fact the movie, unfortunately, was nothing like as good as the original. In fact they claim it totally sucked.

Internet searches for "goonies 2" show there was a work with that name, but it was a video game. Those who remember it say they either had no interest or knowledge of this, and are definitely not confusing it with the movie sequel.

Goon Docks

The original story was written by Steven Spielberg and follows a bunch of kids from the Goon Docks area in Oregon trying to save their homes from foreclosure. In the 1985 movie, they find a treasure map and are chased by gang of criminals who also want the loot. Spielberg's company produced the film, and it since became a cult classic - it was preserved in the 2017 US National Film Registry for it's cultural significance.

The film did well on it's release, and was described as an "enjoyable kids adventure, with enough action to keep grown-ups engaged throughout".

Such a popular film naturally lends itself to a sequel, which most people assume there would have been, This isn't always the case, however, as another huge hit from Spielberg shows with "ET". Like the Goonies, there has been many rumours of a sequel down the years but one never got off the ground, for various reasons.

There was a ast reunion in 2020 via YouTube, which was organised to raise funds to assist with the Covid-19 global pandemic. In fact, it is this which triggered many to ask themselves about the sequel, since they thought there was one.