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Hunger Games

A player at the start fell off their pod and exploded

A player at the start did not fall off their pod and explode

Player explodes at start

At the start of the 'Hunger Games' movie and book the players are lined up on starting pod as an ominous countdown timer booms out across the playing field. The players can see their weapon packs just ahead of them, and know how important they will be once everything has kicked off.

Many remember one of the players falling off before the timer reached zero, either because they were too eager or just lost their balance. They remember this player instantly exploding in a ball of fire, yet this isn't see in the movie today. There are plenty of other movies which something similar happens, but those who remember it are certain it was in the Hunger Games.

Some suggest it may have been in the book, but again there's no reference today. 

The Starving Games

There is a parody movie where something like this happens, but it's unlikely to be the cause of this Mandela Effect. For a start, the movie was a huge flop and not many are aware of it, and it was also the LMFAO/Avengers teams, which wouldn't be confused with the regular players.

Some are now saying the reason so many are certain they've seen it is that it's been cut from the DVD version we see today, but was present in the movie version when originally screened. It actually was mentioned in the movie, but the way it was framed made it clear it happened a few years earlier. There's a Huger Games subreddit where this came up, but even with the keen observers there, the results were inconclusive.

This could be one of the "fill in the blanks" Mandela Effects, where the mental image of the players at the start, with their weapons tantalisingly in reach in front of them was strong. It would seem logical that there was a way to stop them just running out and getting them, ignoring the timer, and the sci-fi setting would make the bomb a good fit, even if it was never actually there.