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Historical Events  Movies
JAWS Poster

Fancy a snack?

MMDE: Movie poster had bite mark

Current: Movie poster had no bite mark

Some people are saying they remember a bite mark in the lettering of the poster for the original 1975 JAWS movie, but all references today show it as the solid word "JAWS". 

This bite mark is mostly reported as being on the bottom of the "J", but some are saying it was the left. The styling of the "J" is supposed to resemble a fish hook, which fits in with the theme but not so much a bite.

This Mandela Effect is also subject to a flip-flop, where reports of people remembering it with the bite mark on T-Shirts etc, check it's the case but come back later to find it has gone. It's also the second reported with the JAWS movie - the other being "We're/You're gonna need a bigger boat".

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Run you fools!

What should the fools do?

MMDE: Run, you fools!

Current: Fly, you fools!

It's become an internet meme - Gandalf is about to fall down the chasm after defeating the fearsome Balrog, so cries out to his friends urging them to get away.

What exactly did he say?

Many remember it as "Run, you fools!" and are surprised to learn they might be experiencing a Mandela Effect when they learn today it's "Fly, you fools!".

This could be a mishearing - some are even claiming to hear "Flee!". The plot does involve the giant eagles carrying them away, and Gandalf thinks he is about to die, so it might be a reference to that as he does the last thing he can to help them.

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What can Danny's car be?

MMDE: This car can be Ultramatic, Systematic, Hyyyydromatic

Current: This car can be Systematic, Hydromatic, Ultramatic 

Grease has been staged as a musical many times since its 1978 release, and a few of them filmed. Watching the original today, in the famous garage scene leading up to the "Greased Lighting" song, Danny proclaims "This car is systematic....hydromatic....ultramatic", yet many claim he swapped them around and stretched out they "hydromatic" with an exaggerated raised tone in the middle.

There is plenty of proof of this  where presumably all the different productions collectively "misremembered" the original. Or did it change after they produced theirs?

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7 Dwarves

Where are the dwarves going?

MMDE: Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, it's off to work we go

Current: Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, it's home from work we go

This stuns many people, not least of which because it's an ingrained meme people often sing or quote daily, and have been doing since childhood.

The Dwarves sing "It's home from work we go" in the main song, and those are the official Disney lyrics. However, there is one part in the movie which is almost like a "false start" to the song, which is when they are leaving the house, and they sing the line "Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho it's off to work we go" then it stops. It's only said that once, whereas the "home from work" line is repeated many times in the movie. This doesn't really detract from the memory many people have of the line used exclusively in the full movie.

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The Exorcist

The power of pea soup compels you

MMDE: No feeding tube

Current: Used a feedling tube

In the terrifying 1973 move The Exorcist, did Regan have a feeding tube in her nose when she was possessed and tied on the bed?

Many people are sure she didn't, but the video clearly shows it today.

A feeding tube would fit with the story. Since her body had been taken over by the demon, it presumably it could stop her eating. There's no explanation, nor even any indication it is a feeding tube and not one for oxygen. It couldn't have been there in the head-spinning scene either. 

It's also been said that because her appearance was so shocking, this is a relatively minor detail missed at the time. People were so shocked then, as today, that this just wasn't something they focused on.

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Frankensteins bolts

A pain in the neck either way

MMDE: Neck bolts

Current: Neck electrodes

Some people swear the depiction of Frankensteins' monster used to have bolts in his neck, with large, clear nuts protruding out at either side, whereas now he has electrodes.

There is some confusion - Hermann Munster clearly always had bolts, but that character was intended as a parody so any deviations are only relevant in the sense the image in peoples minds could become conflated.

The story also leads to them being electrodes because the whole point is that a reconstructed corpse is brought to life by electricity, or specifically lightning, so there presumably had to be somewhere to connect the current.

At least this isn't a Berenstain-type alternative memory where people remember the name being spelt as Frankenstien - yet! 

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Scary Movie

Seeing different

MMDE: I see white people

Current: I see dead people

Some claim that the scene in the original Scary Movie, which lampooned The 6th Sense, had the line "I see white people", whereas now it's seen as "I see dead people". Is this a false memory, or was it really this way originally?

It must be said, "I see dead people" just doesn't make sense. Not only is it the exact line from the film it is parodying, but the black dude saying it just isn't funny the way "white people" is, or would be.

Could this be a case of political correctness changing the past after the event?