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Historical Events  Movies
Frankensteins bolts

A pain in the neck either way

MMDE: Neck bolts

Current: Neck electrodes

Some people swear the depiction of Frankensteins' monster used to have bolts in his neck, with large, clear nuts protruding out at either side, whereas now he has electrodes.

There is some confusion - Hermann Munster clearly always had bolts, but that character was intended as a parody so any deviations are only relevant in the sense the image in peoples minds could become conflated.

The story also leads to them being electrodes because the whole point is that a reconstructed corpse is brought to life by electricity, or specifically lightning, so there presumably had to be somewhere to connect the current.

At least this isn't a Berenstain-type alternative memory where people remember the name being spelt as Frankenstien - yet! 

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Scary Movie

Seeing different

MMDE: I see white people

Current: I see dead people

Some claim that the scene in the original Scary Movie, which lampooned The 6th Sense, had the line "I see white people", whereas now it's seen as "I see dead people". Is this a false memory, or was it really this way originally?

It must be said, "I see dead people" just doesn't make sense. Not only is it the exact line from the film it is parodying, but the black dude saying it just isn't funny the way "white people" is, or would be.

Could this be a case of political correctness changing the past after the event?

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James Bond


MMDE: The name's Bond, James Bond

Current: My name is Bond, James Bond

All the Bond actors apart from Daniel Craig used the line "My name is Bond, James Bond" or just "Bond, James Bond" when introducing themselves.

This comes as a suprise to many people who aren't familiar with this, because the phrase "The name's Bond, James Bond" is the first thing they usually blurt out when asked what they remember it to be.

The reason for this false memory isn't very clear - perhaps using "The" rather than "My" is a less personal way of saying it, which would fit in better with his spy roles. 

In any case, those experiencing this false memory are usually shaken and stirred.

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Mickey Mouse's tail

The strange tale of Mickey's tail

MMDE: Mickey Mouse has no tail

Current: Mickey Mouse has a tail

Did Mickey Mouse always have a tail?

References today show he did, but many don't remember him having one at all. In fact, some who suddenly become aware of this Mandela Effect describe a shock when they look again at photos and videos because they describe the "new" tail as "looking wrong" and "out of place". Even on clothing, such as old t shirts and sweat shirts, where the ink for the tail has worn in exactly the same way as the rest of the image meaning it can't have been somehow "recently added".  

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Roy Batty

C-Beams and Orions Shoulder

MMDE: Like tears in the rain

Current: Like tears in rain

Ask most Blade Runner fans to quote Roy Battys famous dying monologue and they'll probably say "like tears in the rain". That's not the way it is seen today, however - it's "like tears in rain".

Based on Philip K Dicks "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?", the movie is legendary amongst Sci-fi fans and has a resurgence with the 30+ year long awaited sequel, Blade Runner 2049.

But the actual line? Perhaps Dekkard should wheel out his trusty Voight-Kampff machine...

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Another time travel Mandela Effect!

MMDE: Morlocks were bright blue

Current: Morlocks are pale blue

The number of movies about time travel which themselves feature Mandela Effects is getting crazy.

First we had the Back to the Future van change, then a few Terminator 2 ones as well as our old friend Dr Who.

Now it turns out there's one from the original - the 1960 adaptation of HG Wells "The Time machine". The monsters in that movie were called "Morlocks" and many remember them appearing as bright blue with long white hair. Are they experiencing a Mandela Effect? This is because all references today show them as a pale blue, and nothing like as as one described as being the same shade as a smurf.

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Judge for yourself

Another Mandela Effect relating to the title of Arnie's Terminator 2!

Which of the titles in this image looks correct to you?

This is an unusual one because there is already a Mandela Effect associated with the title - it's the mysterious sloping "A", and as pointed out there, this, like the Back to the Future van change, is another movie featuring time travel which itself is a Mandela Effect.

Those experiencing the Mandela Effect are looking for patterns such as letter changes, or significant words (such as "judgement"), in signals such as time travel movies, with the idea these could all add up to some message we are all supposed to interpret...