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Pinhead: "I'll tear your soul apart"

Pinhead: "We'll tear your soul apart"

Hellraiser 1987

Pinhead made his first terrifying appearance in Clive Barker's 1987 Hellraiser movie.

He was played by Doug Bradley, a classically trained stage actor friend of Barker's, and boy did this experience show in the chilling way he delivered his lines.

It's one on those lines - perhaps his most famous one - which is the subject of a Mandela Effect.

Did he say "I'll" or "We'll" tear your soul apart when he was talking to Kirsty? Viewing the movie today, he clearly says "We'll", but many remember him saying "I'll". There is a popular internet meme with him saying "I'll" too.

Hellbound Heart

Pinhead in the movie had the most unlikely origin. The story is the adaptation of Barker's The Hellbound Heart novella, where he payed a minor role and not only had no name, but it wasn't clear if the character was male or female. When the movie came out, it's success was largely down to Bradley's portrayal, which captured the fans imagination enough to spawn many sequels.

Pinhead's role changed as the movies evolved. He is shown as a leader of the Cenobites, which are said to have once been human but turned into mutilated demon-like beings who are summoned when the infamous puzzle box is opened. It is revealed he was once a British soldier called Elliot Spencer in the first world war, which is when he opened the box and became "transformed".

What isn't so well known is how Bradly actually got the role. It turns out he was initially hired to play the role of one of the removal men early on in the movie and was supposed to only be there for once scene! It seems one thing led to another, and a new horror legend was born.

Having a major horror icon's quote be the subject of a Mandela Effect is the latest in a long line of similar mysteries: the most famous one being the No, I am your father one from Star Wars, but others exist such as Forrest Gump and the Field of Dreams.