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Star Wars

Luke, I am your father

No, I am your father

The Force is strong in this one

Star Wars is actually subject to a few Mass Memory Discrepancy Effects. The one discussed here concerns the famous line Darth Vader uses in Episode V when he tells Luke he is his father. In the original, did he say "Luke, I am your father" or "No, I am your father"? 

Many remember it as "Luke...", and that is the way it's been recorded in a few forms including a TV chat show with the voice of Darth Vader himself, James Earl Jones.

The problem is that all available versions of the movie show it as "No...". A small difference, but related to the whole Star Wars plot itself.

Only quoted wrong by those who haven't seen the movie?

This is one where there is a significant number of die hard fans who remember the line as being the same all along, and they are saying their detractors just weren't paying attention enough. Here's the version we see today:

Here's James Earl Jones "getting it wrong" on TV, later:

Other suspicious references exist - watch two and a half men, an episode called the devil's lube.. James earl Jones is in it. He offers to leave a answering machine message, "Luke I am you father".
May the force be with those who remember differently.