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Forrest Gump

Life is like a box of chocolates

Life was like a box of chocolates

What exactly did he say?

Ask anyone what Forrest Gumps most famous line is, and, assuming they aren't already aware of the controversy, chances are they would reply "My mom always said life IS like a box of chocolates". Play the movie today though, and he says "life WAS like a box of chocolates". It's a small point, but is having a big impact on those suffering from the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect.

To complicate things, it appears there exist two versions of the original footage in which each of the different the lines were used. Since only one made it to the movie we see today, the "was" version, could it be the other one was somehow shown at the time? Even Tom Hanks has been caught saying "IS" in a subsequent TV skit he did years after the original.

Different takes

The explanation for the different versions existing today, and people remembering the original being different, is that it's possible one version was used in the trailers for the movie and the other one in the movie itself. If so, being so long ago, people would not be able to remember where they heard the line they remember.

So ... which way do you remember Forrest saying it?