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Batteries still not included

The sequel to "Batteries not included" was called "Batteries still not included"

There was no sequel to "Batteries not included"

More batteries missing

We all know how annoying it is when you open the box for some new gadget or toy and find you can't use it because there were no batteries supplied.

Now some people are finding another reason. The 1987 movie, "Batteries not included", was a fun sci-fi story about a bunch of people facing eviction from their tenant block only to be rescued by some miniature flying robot aliens. It was really popular and has been compared in style with ET, Gremlins and Close Encounters for the Third Kind.

However, many people remember a sequel, and specifically it's name: "Batteries still not included". This is nowhere to be found today. The original  movie came out in 1987, so any sequel would likely have been late 80's/early 90's, but there is no evidence this existed at all.

Confusion of the years

The question over the missing sequel goes back at least 16 years. The Above Top secret forum has it asked in 2004 with some remembering it  The subsequent comments make it read just like a classic Mandela Effect. There is also a thread on Yahoo answers where the original question was asked, and people saying they remember the sequel from at least 6 years ago.