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Wizard of Oz: The Tin Man did not wear a shirt and tie

Wizard of Oz: The Tin Man wore a shirt and tie

If I only had a heart

Oh boy, another Wizard of Oz Mandela Effect.

This movie must take the record for the number it contains. This time it's our old friend the Tin Man, and specifically the fact that many people "suddenly" see him wearing a big, obvious metal shirt and tie, and are sure it wasn't there before.

Everyone remembers his tin axe, the oil can on his head, and famously his lack of a heart, but not, apparently, a shirt and tie. Those who do vaguely remember something seem to remember the line of buttons down his front as metal rivets.


The Tin Man's shirt and tie isn't the only "new" thing about him which some are pointing out. He is seen to be holding a wrench at one point in the Haunted Forest, and the suggestion is there was a previous scene where they were all armed because they were fighting "jitterbugs", but that was cut, just leaving them with extra baggage without an explanation.

Third Eye

Other reports of his "different" appearance concern a mark between his eyes which some have termed a third eye.

Heart hatch

Also, some are reporting remembering something which is missing now - a hatch over his heart, right where the top pocket of a shirt would be. It even was supposed to have a little knob to open it with where the button would be.

Buddy Ebsen

The tragic story of the actor who originally played the Tin Man, Buddy Ebsen, dying of aluminium dust poisoning two days into filming has long been folklore in the movie industry, as well as the supposed death of a dwarf actor on set.