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Historical Events  Movies
Historical Events  Movies

Who feels lucky?

MMDE: Do you feel lucky, punk?

Current: Do I feel lucky?

Remember the famous scene in Clint Eastwood's 1972 movie "Dirty Harry", where he's just chased a robber down, points his gun at him and asks "Do you feel lucky, punk?". If so, you might be experiencing a Mandela Effect, because that's not what he said.

Movie misquotes are a special case when it comes to the ME. The idea that many of people misremember something which never happened is what defines it. The interesting part is that so many misremember it the exact same way, and some are certain it's not down to faulty memory and the original really was different to the way we see it today.

In the Dirty Harry case, the line is "You've got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?".

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The Sound Of Music

These are a few of my favorite things

MMDE: Brown paper packages tied up with STRING

Current: Brown paper packages tied up with STRINGS

One little "s".

It's the details which matter with the Mandela Effect, A world-famous song, deeply ingrained in everyone's memory due to it having been around for most of their lives, should have no room for error at all. So when this one started getting reported - about the change from singular to plural of the ending of the "packages" line, it started alarm bells ringing.

Some ME's are huge, lterally in some cases such as continents moving or even the Earth being transported 80,000 light years across the galaxy. However, if the effect is real it's entirely plusible it would manifest as small but noticable details such as this one.

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Independence Day: Welcome to Earf

Internet Meme

MMDE: Welcome to Earf

Current: Welcome to Earth

In the movie Independence Day, many people remember Will Smith saying "Welcome To Earf". It was a very badass oneliner. Now he just says "Welcome to Earth" unambiguously. Some articles suspect racism but they can't explain why so many people who aren't racist remember it that way.

It's a popular internet meme now and is so well known you see it on T-Shirts etc.

If he never said it, why do so many people have this false memory of him doing so?

Historical Events  Movies
Karate Kid

The bandanna pattern changed?

MMDE: Lower red rising sun

Current: Central black circle

Many people, who are unfamiliar with this Mandela Effect, when asked if they remember the pattern on the headband of the Karate Kid in the 1984 movie, describe a red rising sun on a white background, i.e. a half circle with "rays" coming from it. That's not how it appears today, where all references show it to be a black circle with black lines flowing out from it due to it being the zoomed in center part from a stylized lotus flower.

This isn't the first bandanna-related false memory - what Bruce Springsteen had in his back pocket on the cover of "Born in the USA" is another.

The most famous scene in the movie was the "crane kick", where Daniel delivered his winning blow to Johnny, whilst wearing his iconic headband. But what was the pattern on it?

Historical Events  Movies
Deer Hunter

The mogwai wants a drink after midnight

MMDE: Spike

Current: Stripe

Remember the bad Gremlin from the 1984 Gremlins movie? Was he called Spike or Stripe? Many remember Spike, but watching the movie today find he was called Stripe.

There's a twist to this one. It appears so many people "misremembered" the name that the movie producers went ahead in 2016 and made some T-Shirts calling him "Spike". That's a great way to muddy the waters for Mandela Effect researchers!

People are reporting another reason he was called Spike - models of him today all have spikes on his back.

Historical Events  Movies
Deer Hunter

Title change

MMDE: Deer Hunter

Current: The Deer Hunter

To some, dropping or adding a "the" in front of a movie title may seem trivial, but to those experiencing the Mandela Effect it is very significant.

The famous 1979 Vietnam war movie is seen everywhere today as "The Deer Hunter", but some remember it as just "Deer Hunter" and there's a fair amount of residue showing this to be the case. 

Dropping "The" from a title, or even adding it, has been causing confusion for many years now, and isn't restricted to movie titles. Bands such as "The" Velvet Underground and "The" Eagles are examples.

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JAWS Poster

Fancy a snack?

MMDE: Movie poster had bite mark

Current: Movie poster had no bite mark

Some people are saying they remember a bite mark in the lettering of the poster for the original 1975 JAWS movie, but all references today show it as the solid word "JAWS". 

This bite mark is mostly reported as being on the bottom of the "J", but some are saying it was the left. The styling of the "J" is supposed to resemble a fish hook, which fits in with the theme but not so much a bite.

This Mandela Effect is also subject to a flip-flop, where reports of people remembering it with the bite mark on T-Shirts etc, check it's the case but come back later to find it has gone. It's also the second reported with the JAWS movie - the other being "We're/You're gonna need a bigger boat".