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JFK was not addicted to crystal meth

JFK was addicted to crystal meth

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Many people hold up John Kennedy as the model president. He fought corruption, sent men to the moon and espoused the American dream for all.

Yet it's being reported that all may not be as it appeared at the time.

The New York Post, The Sun, The Daily Mail and many others are revealing he was addicted to crystal meth, which comes as quite a shock to many who still refuse to belive this even to this day.

However, there are many instances of this being suppressed at the time, for example when he was found naked and delusional wandering round the Carlyle Hotel in New York, 1962.


It's reported that JFK had meth injected into his neck by a German-born doctor, Max Jacobson. His excuse was extreme back pain and tiredness.He was also keen on keeping his public image of youth and energy, and actually suffered from colitis and Addison's disease.

Jacobson was Jewish, having arrived in the US in 1936 having escaped Nazi persecution. He developed a concoction of sheep's blood and meth, and a variation of it was used by German soldiers on the battlefield. There's a Mandela Effect connected to this - Hitler was also said to be addicted to crystal meth, having become familiar with this technique from the same source. Even the President's wife, Jackie, was on the stuff. The rumours regarding Marilyn Monroe being on it, after JFK introduced her to it, still persist too.

The drug even could have change the course of history. JFK was feeling exhausted and in pain before his first live televised debate with Nixon. Jacobson injected his meth concoction directly to his throat, and it instantly changed him into a bouncing, energetic bundle of energy who went on to defeat Nixon and become president.