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Hitler Crystal Meth

Hitler was not addicted to Crystal Meth

Hitler was addicted to Crystal Meth

Breaking very bad

Crystal Meth. Many people first heard about this drug from Breaking Bad, so assume it's a recent thing. However, the connection between it and Hitler comes as such a surprise some are claiming this could be a Mandela Effect.

Ever wondered where he got his energy from during his famous rally speeches to the masses?

In the days of the Weimar Republic, when Germany’s pharmaceutical industry was thriving, the country was exporting morphine, and of course cocaine – and drugs were available on every street corner. The Nazis used the stimulant properties of methamphetamine (they called it Pervitin) in many campaigns for both their army and air force, ordering 35m during the war effort and inceasing productions from their drugs factories. Hitler was a prolific user and came to rely on it before giving those energetic speeches, according to Norman Ohler in Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich.

High Hitler

Hitler trusted no-one but his doctor, and when he fell gravely ill in 1941 the regular vitamins he was being injected with lost their effect. Morell, his doctor, gradually increased the range and doses he was prescribing to the point in 1944 when he was an addict, receiving two shots of cocaine per day.

It's well-known he also fell ill in his final days in his bunker, but it's not really clear exactly how. It turns out he was suffering withdrawal symptoms as his supplies dried up.