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Historical Events  People
Frankie Howerd

Titter Ye Not

MMDE: Frankie Howard

Current: Frankie Howerd

A much loved British Music Hall, Radio, TV and film comedy legend is the latest unlikely victim of the Mandela Effect. This is another pronunciation one, because the variations sound the same.

Was he called Frankie Howard or Frankie Howerd?

His many catchphrases and mannerisms are well-known to those of a certain age, but sadly, as is the case with many of his era, younger people are starting to struggle recognising him.

He actually started out intending to be a serious actor, but soon said "Ooooh, no missus!" to that once he was bitten by the comedy bug.

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King Harold

The death of Harold

MMDE: King Harold died from an arrow in his eye at the Battle of Hastings

Current: King Harold did not die from an arrow in his eye at the Battle of Hastings

King Harold, or more formally King Harold II, was born in 1022 as Harold Godwinson. He was the last crowned Anglo-Saxon king of England and famously died at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

This battle was depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry, where it appears to show him getting killed by an arrow in his eye, and from that the legend of the manner of his death this way was born.

However, all is not as it appears, and today serious doubt is being thrown on if this is what actually happened.

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Meat loaf

The "Bat out of Hell" singer?

MMDE: Meatloaf

Current: Meat Loaf

We're not talking about the food here!

Many people are reporting they are sure there was no space between "Meat" and "Loaf" in the name of the larger than life American singer famous for "Bat out of Hell".

The way it is today shows a space everywhere, and where it doesn't it's referring to the food. Hardcore fans are reporting they pay attention to these kinds of details, and some are saying the album covers have changed too, Bruce Springsteen style.

The Bat out of Hell album trilogy has sold over 50m copies worldwide, and the original Bat out of Hell album is one of the best selling albums in history. So how can there be any confusion whatsoever over how his name appeared?

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Christopher Columbus

The nationality of Columbus?

MMDE: Christopher Columbus was probably Italian 

Current: Christopher Columbus was probably Portuguese 

Cristoforo Colombo, or as he's better known, Christopher Columbus landed in the Bahamas in 1492 and claimed it for Spain. So right off the bat you'd have thought that's his nationality confirmed, because why otherwise would he claim a new territory for any other country than his own? The answer is the usual - money. It turns out his famous voyage had to be paid for somehow, and it was the King and Queen of Castille, or what we now now of as Spain, who sponsored it, with the obvious catch that all he acquired belonged to them. Columbus was known to be living with his Spanish mistress and his child in Spain at the time.

So it's known he wasn't Spanish, but what nationality was he? Everyone is taught he was Italian, but that's in doubt now. Why? His remains have been DNA tested.

Whilst this isn't being talked about as a Mandela Effect, it is an MMDE because of it's widespread misbelief. And it's still not certain, so we're only talking probabilities.

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Bela Lugosi in his cape

Night night

MMDE: Bela Lugosi was not buried in his Dracula cape

Current: Bela Lugosi was buried in his Dracula cape

Most people over a certain age know Bela Lugosi played Dracula in the famous black and white movie of the early 1930's, but when asked if he was buried actually wearing his Dracula cape are sure that's an urban myth, if they've heard of it at all.

It turns out to have a strange origin, but the story is true - he was buried in it.

He was born Bela Ferenc Dezso Blasko in 1882, in Lugos, Hungary which was not far from Transylvania. When he died in 1956, he was buried in the Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California, wearing a Dracula cape at the request of his wife and son who said it would have been what he wanted.

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Lady Di

How many people were in the car which crashed killing Lady Di?

MMDE: 5 people

Current: 4 people

Most people past their mid-20's can remember where they were when they heard about Lady Di being killed in a car crash in 1997. This has a parallel with the JFK assassination, where it became a cliche to ask where their parents or grandparents were when they heard of his death.

However, when it comes to the Mandela Effect there's also a spooky parallel.

There's a well-known one surrounding the number of people in the car when JFK was assassinated, and now there's one concerning the number of people in Lady Di's car when she died. Some remember it to be 5, when all reports today show there were 4. The confusion comes from them remembering 2 survivors, not 1, and not being able to name who survived apart from Trevor Rees-Jones.

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Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger

MMDE: Henry Kissinger died in 2016

Current: Henry Kissinger did not die in 2016

Some people remember Henry Kissinger dying in 2016. Like the Mandela Effect itself, the fact he lived beyond that date doesn't seem to erase the memories of those who remember his death.

People who remember his death in 2016 also immediately acknowledge he lived beyond that date. It's almost as if there's a dual memory, which logically is totally impossible, but unshakeable nevertheless.

Kissinger was a controversial figure to say the least. What is not in doubt is his influence in all the US foreign conflicts since Vietnam, ranging from when he was National Security Advisor to President Nixon right through working with President Trump in the Afghanistan conflict.