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Bela Lugosi in his cape

Night night

MMDE: Bela Lugosi was not buried in his Dracula cape

Current: Bela Lugosi was buried in his Dracula cape

Most people over a certain age know Bela Lugosi played Dracula in the famous black and white movie of the early 1930's, but when asked if he was buried actually wearing his Dracula cape are sure that's an urban myth, if they've heard of it at all.

It turns out to have a strange origin, but the story is true - he was buried in it.

He was born Bela Ferenc Dezso Blasko in 1882, in Lugos, Hungary which was not far from Transylvania. When he died in 1956, he was buried in the Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California, wearing a Dracula cape at the request of his wife and son who said it would have been what he wanted.

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Lady Di

How many people were in the car which crashed killing Lady Di?

MMDE: 5 people

Current: 4 people

Most people past their mid-20's can remember where they were when they heard about Lady Di being killed in a car crash in 1997. This has a parallel with the JFK assassination, where it became a cliche to ask where their parents or grandparents were when they heard of his death.

However, when it comes to the Mandela Effect there's also a spooky parallel.

There's a well-known one surrounding the number of people in the car when JFK was assassinated, and now there's one concerning the number of people in Lady Di's car when she died. Some remember it to be 5, when all reports today show there were 4. The confusion comes from them remembering 2 survivors, not 1, and not being able to name who survived apart from Trevor Rees-Jones.

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Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger

MMDE: Henry Kissinger died in 2016

Current: Henry Kissinger did not die in 2016

Some people remember Henry Kissinger dying in 2016. Like the Mandela Effect itself, the fact he lived beyond that date doesn't seem to erase the memories of those who remember his death.

People who remember his death in 2016 also immediately acknowledge he lived beyond that date. It's almost as if there's a dual memory, which logically is totally impossible, but unshakeable nevertheless.

Kissinger was a controversial figure to say the least. What is not in doubt is his influence in all the US foreign conflicts since Vietnam, ranging from when he was National Security Advisor to President Nixon right through working with President Trump in the Afghanistan conflict.

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John Carpenter

When did he die?

MMDE: John Carpenter died in 2018

Current: John Carpenter did not die in 2018

Sometimes it's pretty easy to see how some Mandela Effects begin.

Take the announcement by movie review site Rotten Tomatoes in 2018 proclaiming John Carpenter "would have been 70 years old today." It went on to celebrate his life, in terms written exactly as if he was dead, by '"looking back at his five favorite films".

This came as quite a shock to John, who was vey much alive and well enough to reply in his dry humour style: "despite how it appears, I'm not actually dead."

Many Mandela Effects revolve around the supposed deaths of famous people - just look at how it got it's name, for starters.

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Marilyn Monroe

Did Bernie Madoff die in 2009?

MMDE: Bernie Madoff died in 2009

Current: Bernie Madoff did not die in 2009

Bernie Madoff ran the largest Ponzi scheme in history.

The total amount missing was nearly $65Bn, and he was sentenced to 150 years in jail in 2009. Many remember him committing suicide shortly afterwards in jail, and are surprised to hear he didn't do so. 

He was the chairman of NASDAQ, which would have helped enormously with his credibility when pulling off his scam. His firm had a "special arrangement" with Wall St which enabled it to bypass the strict checks and balances other firms were subjected to and directly executed orders over the counter from retail brokers.

He did attempt suicide with his wife in 2008 on Christmas Eve, so perhaps news of this came out at the time and people thought he was sucessful.

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Van Gogh

Himself, or in a fight?

MMDE: In a fight

Current: Himself

Towards the end of Van Gogh's life, he was sat in his studio surrounded by many of his unsold paintings.In fact, during his life he only sold one, and that was to an art gallery owner. Those paintings each sold for many millions after his tragic death. In fact he gave one to his doctor, who didn't like it so used it to repair his chicken coup. It was worth $50m in 2016.

It's well known he lost his ear, and most believe he did it to himself. However, this story has taken a few twists down the years and the absolute truth still is not certain. His friend Gauguin was planning to leave, and as Wikipedia reports:

Van Gogh followed when Gauguin left the house for a walk, and "rushed towards me, an open razor in his hand". This account is uncorroborated;Gauguin was almost certainly absent from the Yellow House that night, most likely in a hotel.

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Clive James

When did Clive James die?

MMDE: 2012

Current: 2019

Clive James was warmly regarded as the quick-witted, likeable 'bloke from Aussie' best known for his TV work. Reports of his death in 2019 took many by surprise, however, as they were sure he'd died 7 years earlier in 2012. Are they experiencing the Mandela Effect?

There are many celebrity death stories which turn out to be fake. Sometimes there is more to them, such as the Nelson Mandela one itself. The Clive James one may have an explanation, however, from the fact that people remember it being 2012 when he died. That's because in that year he announced on BBC Radio 4 that leukemia "had beaten him".

In fact he went on to write a weekly column for The Guardian until June 2017, and seemed to be aware of the celebrity death hoax phenomenon, because in his inimitable style he titled it "Reports of My Death..."