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Historical Events  People
Roy Orbison

Sunglasses after dark

MMDE: Roy Orbison was blind

Current: Roy Orbison wasn't blind

Those trademark dark glasses are the first thing which comes to mind when most people picture Roy Orbison. This is causing some to claim he really was blind, and even when told it was just a stage act they swear he was and that act story is fake.

His amazing four-octave vocal range drew parallels with operatic greats such as Caruso, and his jet black clothes and hair were complemented perfectly by those dark glasses to create a legendary on stage image.

But blind? Anyone can see the real story here... ;-)

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Kim Jong il

No pennies spent

MMDE: Kim Jong il never went to the toilet

Current: Kim Jong il went to the toilet

There's a difference between an MMDE and a Mandela Effect.

All Mandela Effects are MMDE's, but not all MMDE's are Mandela Effects. When a large group of people believe something for which there is no evidence, they both appear to be the same. However, sometimes that outcome is a deliberate mass deception where it's origins and motivations can clearly be found, which is certainly not the case for a true Mandela Effect where the origins are always unknown.

The belief amongst North Koreans that Kim Jong il never went to the toilet is one such example, i.e. not a Mandela Effect but by definittion an MMDE. The belief this is true by people in that country persists today. 

There are a bunch of crazy things which the North Koreans are forced to believe which we in the West scoff at - from the safety of our nice, free democracies.

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Harry Dean Stanton

Can't keep a good man down

MMDE: Harry Dean Stanton died around 2012

Current: Harry Dean Stanton died around 2017

Harry Dean Stanton was reported to have died aged 91 on 15th September 2017. To many people however, this came as a shock since they thought he'd died a few years before that, with the consensus being 2012. Are they experiencing a collective false memory?

His career spanned 60 years, ranging from Cool Hand Luke in 1967 right up to Lucky in 2017. Most sci-fi fans will remember him as the first kill by the adult xenomorph in the first Alien film, but in fact he spent many years as a bit actor before making it big in his own right.

Few people realised he was a World War 2 veteran, having served in the US Navy in the Battle of Okinawa. Surviving that, and aliens, shows the stuff he was made of.

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Mrs Cakehead

Sound advice from Mrs Cakehead

MMDE: Cover yourself in beans

Current: Cover yourself in beef

This is an odd Mandela Effect since it appears once Mrs Cakehead became aware of it, he deliberately changed it just to mess with everyone, which is exactly what you'd expect him to do.

The hit DJ Rapper began in the 80's Bacup surf beach underground techno dance scene and went on to create such sub culture classics as "This is a Journey into Cake", "Chancellor of the Headchecker" and "Roll us a Fat One".

The controversy was turned up to 11 with his "Pendle Witch Camp" - was the line "Cover yourself in beans" or "Cover yourself in beef?" There are as many saying the former as the latter, and as indicated the man himself just likes to muddy the waters nowadays by deliberately flipping them around. When asked about the Mandela Effect, false memory syndrome or any alternative memory events he was aware of, he just replied "I can't remember", which clears it all up nicely ;-)

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Hitler Crystal Meth

Breaking very bad

MMDE: Hitler was addicted to Crystal Meth

Current: Hitler was not addicted to Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth. Many people first heard about this drug from Breaking Bad, so assume it's a recent thing. However, the connection between it and Hitler comes as such a surprise some are claiming this could be a Mandela Effect.

Ever wondered where he got his energy from during his famous rally speeches to the masses?

In the days of the Weimar Republic, when Germany’s pharmaceutical industry was thriving, the country was exporting morphine, and of course cocaine – and drugs were available on every street corner. The Nazis used the stimulant properties of methamphetamine (they called it Pervitin) in many campaigns for both their army and air force, ordering 35m during the war effort and inceasing productions from their drugs factories. Hitler was a prolific user and came to rely on it before giving those energetic speeches, according to Norman Ohler in Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich.

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Kurt Cobain

Woah - it changed during the eclipse?

MMDE: There is a famous poster of him wearing it

Current: There are no photographs of it

Many people remember Kurt Cobain wearing a huge pink fluffy jacket in a well-known image, often seen in posters on walls. The trouble is, not only does no record of this exist today but some are saying the same poster they still have up actually changed into one where he is wearing a leopard-skin print, and it happened during the eclipse of summer 2017.

Many hard core Nirvana fans have jumped on this one - for them, this is much more than just a false memory because they idolised him and know intimately every details of his life.

Described as looking like the pink fur on a muppet, he seemed to have donned this with his trademark white sunglasses to deliberately look as ridiculous as possible, yet somehow still ended up looking cool in a unique way. This just served to sum up the charm and enigma of the guy.

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Ed McMahon

Heeere's Johnny!

MMDE: Ed McMahon worked for Publishers Clearing House

Current: Ed McMahon worked for America Family Publishers

This one seems to be freaking many people out - even those who had heard of the Mandela Effect but dismissed it as some kind of false memory syndrome.

Do you remember Ed McMahon delivering PCH's oversized checks with his famous catch phrase and a bottle of champagne? If so, you are experiencing an MMDE, because he never did that. This is despite over 32,000 websites from a Google search which also associate him with PCH.

Current references show he worked for a rival - American Family Publishers - which did involve him visiting the houses of the lucky winners of their draws.

But PCH? Nope - he's their Shining star that never was.