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Bermeja Island

Ramesses II Passport

MMDE: Ramesses II (1279-1213 BC) was issued a passport in 1974

Current: Ramesses II (1279-1213 BC) was not issued a passport in 1974

Sometimes the Mandela Effect is pointed to as explaining historical facts which seem to appear from nowhere, and they are expected to be much more widely known.

One such is the curious fact that Ramesses II was actually issued a passport in 1974, even though he'd been dead for thousands of years.

It was necessary to do this because his 3,000 year old body had to be flown to Paris for repairs, and the legislation in force did not take into account how long ago the individual died.

Historical Events  Geography
Bermeja Island

Where is Bermeja Island?

MMDE: The Gulf of Mexico

Current: Bermeja Island does not exist

There's a curious anomaly regarding an island which appears on maps drawn in the 16th century. Situated off the North coast on the Yucatan Peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico, it's called Bermeja Island.

The problem? No one can find it in real life.

Neither a detailed survey in 1997 followed by an extensive one in 2009 conducted by the National Autonomous University of Mexico turned anything up, despite there being a very compelling incentive to do so - oil rights from the 200 mile border surrounding it.

The first mention of the island was on a map published in Madrid in 1539.

Historical Events  Science
Plague Pandemic

When was the last major plague outbreak?

MMDE: The Black Death in the 1300's

Current: China 1855

Many people are familiar with the "Black Death".

This is the term for the plague outbreak in the 1300's which hit Europe and Asia, and is said to have killed around a third of the population.

However, many people are also surprised to hear this was the second of three major world plague outbreaks and it is being pointed to as one of those Mandela Effects where something expected to be much wider known "suddenly" appears in history.

The first was the Byzantine Empire in 541. The second was the worst by far, but the third was deadly too since it killed 12 million people in India and China.

The other shock is that the third outbreak was only considered contained in 1960.

Historical Events  Music
Safety Dance

Men without Hats: Safety Dance

MMDE: You can dance if you want to

Current: We can dance if we want to

The classic '80s song "Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats is a song that still is a hit with the general public today.

With a catchy melody and memorable lyrics (and dance), it's no wonder the song is still popular 30 years later. However, one of the song's most memorable lines is also one of the most misheard.

The line "We can dance if we want to" is often sung as "You can dance if you want to". While Ivan Doroschuk, the lead singer of Men Without Hats, did sing "You can dance if you want to" at a live show, we're talking about the original recording. And "You can dance if you want to" is nowhere to be heard.

Historical Events  Books
Around the world in 80 days

Around the world in 80 days novel: Prominent mode of transport?

MMDE: Hot air balloon

Current: Hot air balloon not used at all

You might be able to do it in 80 hours nowadays, but going round the world was once such a fantastic idea that the Victorians were blown away by Jules Verne describing such a journey in his famous 1873 novel Around the World in 80 days.

There was a movie made of it in 1953 which, err, took a few liberties and might well be contributing to this one.

The question is - in the book, what was the prominent mode of transport they used? If you thought it was a hot air balloon, you might be experiencing a Mandela Effect, because it wasn't used at all. It was briefly described, but that's all

Historical Events  Music
Billie Jean

Who always told me?

MMDE: Mama always told me

Current: Mother always told me

When changes are noticed in worldwide massive hits, it's always a surprise to those who think they know the original. This is the case with Michael Jackson's classic Billie Jean - who always told him to be careful of who he loves?

It's one of his most famous songs, and he's said to be inspired by the never ending line of back stage groupies that were always trying to claim his brothers fathered their children when he was in the Jackson 5.

The line is question is at the end of the first verse.:

People always told me be careful of what you do
And don't go around breaking young girls' hearts
And mother always told me be careful of who you love
And be careful of what you do 'cause the lie becomes the truth 

Yet most people replace "mother" with "mama", as a quick search on YouTube for cover versions confirms.

Historical Events  Brands
Cup 'O Noodles

Cup O' Noodles or Cup Noodles?

MMDE: Cup O' Noodles

Current: Cup Noodles

Cup Noodles or Cup O' Noodles? They seem to have been with us forever, and are particularly well loved by busy students on a budget. Many swear the snack food from Nissin was called Cup O' Noodles, but only see it as Cup Noodles today. However, this one is different... :-)

Instant noodles were invented in 1958 by the guy who went on to found Nissin foods, Momofuku Ando, and in 1971 they were launched in the US.

However - and here's the twist - they really were called Cup O' Noodles in the US until 1993, when they became the plain Cup Noodles. This is an example of the pattern of a Mandela Effect being seen, in that there is little evidence today apart from in people's memories, yet is definitly not one.