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05 Apr 2020
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Historical Events  TV
9/11 Dancers

Seen on TV on 9/11?

MMDE: TV showed "thousands cheering" on 9/11

Current: TV did not show "thousands cheering" on 9/11

The Mandela Effect does not discriminate across religion, culture or, as seen with this one, politics. It is only concerned with facts being misremembered by groups of people, no matter what the subject is.

9/11 was a series of tragic events which are etched permanently in many peoples memories. Many of those memories were from the media being broadcast as the events actually happened on the day, but amid all the chaos and confusion some details may not be all they appear when viewed back years later, after all the dust has settled - literally.

One of those details was the report that "thousands of people" were seen on TV dancing, cheering and celebrating after 9/11. Did this happen, is it propaganda, or is it an actual Mandela Effect?

The issue is not whether any crowds celebrated, it's whether it was shown on TV.

Historical Events  Art
Dogs playing poker

All bets are off - did one wear a bookie hat?

MMDE: One dog had a transparent green bookie hat

Current: No dog wears a transparent green bookie hat

Most people are familiar with the famous 'Dogs playing poker' painting. There are actually a few in the set, and they were really popular in the 1990's in many US homes, and quite a few bars worldwide too.

People remember the realistic looking dogs sat round a table in a smoky room, intently focusing on their poker game. Do you remember any of the dogs wearing a transparent green dealer's hat? Many do, but can't find it anywhere now, and so it's being classed as a Mandela effect.

There were spin off paintings where they were involved in other sports, like billiards, but it's the poker one which is the best known. People are describing every detail of the hat, right down to it's transparent green-tinted visor and wide band. Yet there's no trace of that today...

Historical Events  People
Meat loaf

The "Bat out of Hell" singer?

MMDE: Meatloaf

Current: Meat Loaf

We're not talking about the food here!

Many people are reporting they are sure there was no space between "Meat" and "Loaf" in the name of the larger than life American singer famous for "Bat out of Hell".

The way it is today shows a space everywhere, and where it doesn't it's referring to the food. Hardcore fans are reporting they pay attention to these kinds of details, and some are saying the album covers have changed too, Bruce Springsteen style.

The Bat out of Hell album trilogy has sold over 50m copies worldwide, and the original Bat out of Hell album is one of the best selling albums in history. So how can there be any confusion whatsoever over how his name appeared?

Historical Events  Brands

Dropped e

MMDE: LinkdIn

Current: LinkedIn

Whilst there are many Mandela Effects which relate to branding, most tend to be associated with long-established companies and not modern internet-based ones. The famous missing cornucopia in the Fruit of the Loom logo goes back to 1851, for example.

So when many people started reporting they distinctly remembered the famous business networking site as "LinkdIn" rather than the "LinkedIn" they see today, they say this might be the cause. These people are certain they remember the old spelling, and are sure it must have been changed at some point in the past even though there is no evidence of this to be found.

Ironically, LinkedIn itself is aware of the ME - there are numerous posts on the subject on the site itself, but none concern a change in the name.

Historical Events  Art
The backward soundtrack of The Last Supper

A whole new Da Vinci code

MMDE: The Last Supper contains a hidden musical arrangement

Current: The Last Supper doesn't contain a hidden musical arrangement

An interesting discovery has been made in the famous Da Vinci painting 'The Last Supper'. It appears if you draw equal distance horizontal lines across it, the various bread rolls and hands of those present appear to form a musical arrangement. Is this a hidden message which has been in plain sight all along?

An Italian researcher, Giovanni Maria Pala, has extracted the composition and played it. He claims it sounds like a requiem and would be perfect for the passion of Jesus. He also claims it it meant to be played backwards, i.e. right to left, because that's how sheet music would have been interpreted in Da Vinci's time.

Historical Events  Music
If I had words

A special day

MMDE: If I had words to paint a day for you

Current: If I had words to make a day for you

The song 'If I had words' was already well-known before it featured heavily in the 1995 movie 'Babe'. It was a catchy reggae vibe sung as a duet by Scott Fitzgerald and Yvonne Keeley, and was a UK hit in 1978.

The tune was taken from and organ piece, Saint-Saëns' Symphony No.3 in C minor which, ironically, did not have any words.

People are reporting the lyric they remember have changed, and are calling this a Mandela Effect. They remember the line "if I had words to make a day for you" as "if I had words to paint a day for you".

Historical Events  Science
Tongue taste map


MMDE: The tongue has separate areas for taste

Current: All the tongue can taste all tastes

Remember being taught at school that different areas of the tongue is responsible for different tastes? That is, there's a region for sweet which can't taste bitter, and so on. There were "maps" made showing these regions.

Well, it turns out to be baloney. All taste buds can taste all tastes. An easy proof comes from people with damages tongues. Say one lost the area which was supposed to taste salt. When tests were done, they still could but with a different area.

Its not beyond the realms of possibility to test this yourself with a healthy tongue and a pippet.

So where did this idea come from - and how way the map created?