Historical Events  Science

Found less?

MMDE: Over 300

Current: Under 100

Recent reports that Jupiter now has 79 moons are causing many people to point to this as a Mandela Effect, because they remember NASA announcing there were "over 300" years ago.

The first moons were discovered by Galileo in 1610, hence them being named the "Galilean moons". In fact, people with exceptional eyesight can actually see them unaided due to their size. Ganymede, for example, is larger than Mercury.

Whilst there has always been controversy regarding classifying objects in the solar system - see the great "is Pluto a planet" debate - it seems a far fetch to miscount several hundred moons from the same planet this way.

Historical Events  Movies
Whatever happened to Baby Jane?

Pushed down the stairs

MMDE: Jane pushed Blanche down the stairs

Current: Jane did not push Blanche down the stairs

The 1962 psychological thriller "Whatever happened to Baby Jane?" contains some pretty disturbing scenes, where two faded Hollywood movie stars, who are sisters, live together in a large creepy mansion. Many people remember one of them tipping the other from her wheelchair down the stairs, and it's been referred to many times in pop culture since - for example, in The Simpsons.

The problem? This isn't in the movie, and those who remember it as being there are experiencing the Mandela Effect.

There is a part where Blanche falls off the bottom step whilst reaching for a phone, but there's no way this would be confused with the dramatic one many people swear was in the original.

Historical Events  TV
Mad Dog Murdock

Murdock's nickname?

MMDE: Mad Dog Murdock

Current: Howling Mad Murdock

Remember Mad Dog Murdock from the A-Team? If you do, you're apparently experiencing a Mandela Effect, because that wasn't his nickname. It was Howling Mad Murdock, with no reference to dogs or any other wild animals in sight.

He was never referenced once as Mad Dog, not even "MD" Murdock.

Keen Mandela Effect observers know this isn't the only one related to The A-Team. There's a well-known one relating to the color of their van.

The question regarding Murdocks nickname recently came up on Reddit, with a fairly even split amongst both nicknames being remembered.

Historical Events  Art
Easter Island statues

Where did you get that hat?

MMDE: Easter Island statues did not have hats

Current: Some Easter Island statues wore hats

One look at the picture of the Easter Island statues wearing hats makes most people ask if they are real, along with comments along the lines of them looking silly, or more generally out of place.

These images are so striking that the hats are being reported as a Mandela Effect, because many people are sure they would have seen them and remembered them before. In other words, it's not a case of them misremembering, but instead the past has somehow changed for them.

Some hats appear red, and some of their eyes are painted blue too.

They are called the Moai, and represented deceased ancestors. They were carved by the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island in Polynesia around 1300 years ago.

Historical Events  People
Kirk Douglas

Alive again?

MMDE: Died just before his 101st birthday

Current: Did not die just before his 101st birthday

The legend of Kirk Douglas is firmly cemented forever in movie history. Reports of his death saddened millions, especially when it was reported to be just days before his 101st birthday.

These reports were widespread, and the accidental release of an incomplete news video didn't help either.

However, some people were even more confused because they thought he'd died years before. Was this a false memory, confused further by the fake death reports? Or were people thinking the stoke he had in 1996 actually killed him, instead of mostly preventing him from speaking?

Historical Events  Books

What nationality was Aladdin?

MMDE: Arabian

Current: Chinese

Arabian Nights is one of the most famous stories ever told.

It's unique blend of adventure, magic, mystery and exotic locations has thrilled countless generations down the years. So you'd have thought something as fundamental as the apparently obvious race of the lead character, Aladdin, would be known to all by now. Guess what? He's been Chinese all along.

The Aladdin story is part of the "One thousand and One Nights" told by Scheherazade, a concubine who's life literally depended on her not completing a story in order to keep the Sultan hanging on for more, because if he thought he'd no futher use for her, he''d have her killed.

The legend goes that Aladdin, the story, was created as part of this, along with the Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves story and the Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor, amongst others.

Historical Events  People
Queen Victoria

Are you amused now, your majesty?

MMDE: Queen Victoria did not take cocaine

Current: Queen Victoria took cocaine

We think of drugs, and the war on drugs, as a modern phenomenon, but these all have origin stories. When first created, there would have been no indication how things would ultimately play out in terms of side effects and the long term impact on society. In fact, it's not just drugs which were freely available before legisltaion - dangerous substances were too. It was possible to walk into a chemist in the 19th century and buy cocaine, opium and even arsenic.

Queen Victoria took cocaine in the form of chewing gum, with of all people a young Winston Churchill. Today this sounds ridiculous, but back then it's immediate physical effects would not have been seen as harmful.