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Historical Events  Science
Historical Events  Science
WOW Signal

Where in the Galaxy

MMDE: WOW Signal came from Orion

Current: WOW Signal came from Sagittarius

Remember the WOW Signal from 1977, when astronomers at Ohio State university captured a 72 second burst of radio waves which was so far off the scale one of them wrote "WOW!" alongside the printout?

The issue here isn't wether this really was from an alien civilisation, it's the report of where the signal came from.

References today show it's origin was the Sagittarius constellation, but many experiencing thi MMDE claim it was reported as coming from the Orion constellation at the time, and that's the way they remember it.

Historical Events  Science
CERN logo

Count the Synchrotrons

MMDE: CERN logo has a single synchrotron

Current: CERN logo has double synchrotrons

CERN and the Mandela Effect have a very interesting relationship.

There is a a great deal of speculation regarding their particle experiments somehow having an influence over what people are experiencing with mass false memories.

They are no strangers to the ME themselves either - there is a well-known one concerning the Shiva statue outside one of their buildings.

However, this one concerns their logo - a supposed representation of the synchrotrons at the heart of their experiments. Was there one in the logo or two? Some are even claiming there used to be 3, making the 666 connection complete...

Historical Events  Science
Human heart location

Where is your heart?

MMDE: Heart fully left

Current: Heart slightly left

In the 4th Century BC, Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, described the human heart as the most important part of the body.

Many people believe the position is to the left, and are surprised when they learn today it is only slightly so. They also think it's size has changed to twice the one they remember. 

These people remember things like doctors using stethoscopes on their left side when they were children, but nowadays placing it centrally. People being shot in movies also tended to clutch their left side, and even where they were told to place their hands during the pledge of allegiance - because that's supposed to be over the heart.

Historical Events  Science
Blue Tarantula

Cyriopagopus lividum

Some love 'em, most fear 'em - but everyone is fascinated by an incredible new video of a blue tarantula some are saying never existed, and hence is a Mandela Effect candidate the same way some other anomalies in nature are.

Scientists can't explain how the giant spider came to be this colour, and evolution would have a problem too. The fact it appears so striking, and so distinctive ist what the ME crowd are saying everyone would have seen or know about it by now, and it appears to have, well, appeared from nowhere.

It's been found in the rainforests of South East Asia, and as usual, the female will grow to a much larger size than the male and live longer.

Also termed "Cobalt Blue", its poision is particularly strong - but surely you'd not need any further warning of that.  And yup, the female of the species is more deadly than the male ;-) 

Historical Events  Science
Korean fan death

Deliberate urban myth?

To non-Koreans, this sounds crazy.

It appears there is a popular belief amongst Koreans, dating back to the 1920's, that sleeping in a room with a fan running and no open doors or windows can kill you.

Even when told the rest of the world don't believs this, the fear persists.

It's even stranger when you realise there might even be a deliberate reason for the myth, and it was actually started by the government. In the 1970's, there was an energy crisis so the fear was "made known", i.e. not directly pushed by the government in a way that could be traced to them, that people shouldn't leave fans on all night. Stories about it date much earlier than this too - even reports back to 1927 can be found.

Historical Events  Science
Ericsson car phone

It's mobile but not wireless. Got that?

MMDE: There was no car phone in 1910

Current: There was a car phone in 1910

There's a story many believe which surprises today's tech savvy generation. It's also a fun party trick question - what year did the first car phone appear? The answer - which itself may be only slightly inaccurate - of 1910 usually triggers an immediate response of "but there was no mobile network then!". Look again at the question - there is no mention of mobile phones or wireless technology.

The ingenious answer lies in the way the earliest telephone networks were built, which were often just wires laid along the road - not even on telephone poles. Cars too were obviously the new kids on the block in a world still dominated by horses and carts. Telecoms pioneer Lars Ericsson realised there would be a way to make calls from a car, but his method wouldn't go down too well in todays city streets. He had to stop, extend a wire from his car, and attach it to the cable. Thus, a car phone which is kind of mobile.

Evidence of this exists at the Stockholm technical museum. Actually, there is now some debate over it being Lars himself who was the first to do it, but the technique for making calls is well documented shortly after his supposed first one.

Historical Events  Science
The Mandela Particle

Leeds University 1973

Few people realise Nelson Mandela had a nuclear particle named after him.

This honor was bestowed by a British University, Leeds, in 1973. Even fewer are aware of the controversy surrounding this. With all the speculation around CERN and the Large Hadron Collider being behind the Mandela Effect, the discovery of an actual particle named after him serves only to fuel the flames even more.

However, things aren't quite as they appear. It seems the particle was theorised to explain an anomaly in some measurements taken by a cosmic ray group at Leeds (Dr. E. W. Kellerman, Dr. G. Brookes and Dr. J. E. F. Baruch) of multi-TeV rays near sea level. They predicted the existence of a particle 40 to 70 times the mass of a proton, a boson which would mediate the weak interaction. This theoretical particle was indeed named The Mandela Particle after Nelson Mandela in 1973.

Problems with this arose later, starting in 1975 when a team from Durham University could not replicate the measurements, and others since have caused the original team to admit the likelihood of a new particle is "not as large as we thought at first". 

So the Mandela Particle remains as elusive as ever. Does it exist, or is it a Mandela Effect itself?

Historical Events  Science
Smiley face on Mars

Happy to see you

Most people know of the face on Mars, a huge mountain-type structure first photographed by the Viking explorers in the 1970's which looks like a man in a helmet, but many are suprised to find out there is also a smiley face. It's a circular crater with two eyes and a curve for the mouth which is in the same design as the 70's hippy image, and the one used in the Watchmen comics/movies.

There seems to be more natural formations on Mars resembling humans than on earth. 

It's name is Galle after its discoverer Johann Gottfried Galle, who discovered the 230km wide anomaly in 1999.  

The term for seeing faces in patterns where there were none is pareidolia, and the actual textbook example given for this term on Wikipedia is the original Martian face.

Historical Events  Science
Building on the moon

Apollo 17 live feed cut short

On Wednesday December 13th, 1972, Apollo 17 astronauts Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt drove their lunar rover 20 miles across the surface of the moon whilst NASA transmitted their journey live across America, via CBS.

Commentating on this was renowned broadcaster Walter Cronkite, who had become world famous for his coverage of many historic events such as Watergate, JFK and Vietnam. 

At 8:40pm the cameras, which were being operated remotely from earth, panned across the moonscape and showed a huge rectangular structure in the distance between some hills. Without warning, the feed was cut for 20 minutes. Cronkite exclaimed "That looks like a man made object!". Footage showing the astronauts which was recorded earlier was then shown instead.

When Cronkite returned, he said that apparently the camera had recorded a part of itself.

No record of this exists today. Was this really shown, and so those who claim to remember it are experiencing a false memory, or is there more to this than at first appears?