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Historical Events  Science
1834 signalling system

As today: motivated by money

MMDE: There was no network telecoms hack in 1834

Current: There was a network telecoms hack in 1834

Here's another alternative memory which seems to jump out to people suddenly, and hence is being called a Mandela Effect.

When you hear the terms "hack" and "telecoms network" you picture up shadowy figures in a darkened room, hunched over keyboards in front of computer screens with lots of flashy lights. In fact, this represents just the modern version of a system designed in the 1790's, which used a series of mechanical arms on towers placed on hills to communicate. Both are intended to transfer messages further than a single person could see, as quickly as possible, using the technology of the day.

However, a system did indeed exist - and was used to communicate stock prices. One of the operators in the chain was bribed to send fake data, which allowed the bad guys to profit since they were the only ones with the real info.

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More anatomy changes

There have been a few alternative memory reports of the human body changing.

These range from the from the holes in the skull, to the location of the kidneys and even the heart being in a different location.

Sceptics pointed to the fact that human anatomy had been studied quite possibly more than any other subject throughout history. This is for obvious reasons - we need to understand it to survive, so changes of this kind just don't seem possible.

However, reports that there are still a few surprises in store are coming in following the discovery of what is being classed as a new human organ - Interstitium.

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Mandela Effect - peripheral example

The corner of your eye

Check out this optical illusion.

You know its a fixed image, yet your brain thinks it's moving. However, this movement is always just out of your direct line of vision. You think you saw movement, so focus on it, then that part stops but one just to the side seems to start moving ... and so on.

A comparison has been drawn between false memories and optical illusions. In some cases, the brain is fooled into believing two opposing things at the same time, such as the spelling of a word remembered one way but being seen everywhere else another. It's also been observed the effects always seem to occur at the peripheral, or boundary of the subject.

This behaviour, where you are constantly chasing seemingly different subjects which are always beyond the direct item being focused on, is similar to what many have described a false memory to behave like. Just replace the visual part of the image with memories on the periphery and the analogy is complete.

Even the so-called "flip-flops" might be explained by something along these lines.

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Human Kidneys

Where are your kidneys?

MMDE: Lower back

Current: Lower chest

Those who are surprised to find their kidneys are above their belly button, and located in the lower chest protected by their rib cage, are probably experiencing a Mandela Effect. Many remember them in the lower back to th rear, in fact that's what the "fighting" sports such as boxing, karate etc mean when they talk of giving a kidney punch.

Some try to explain this by saying the older medical books and models simplified things, but it would be strange to teach someone something so inaccurate for no good reason.

There seems to be a few Mandela Effects related to changes in the human body - the holes in the jaw and location of the heart, for example.

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Human Skull

More anatomy changes

MMDE: There were never two holes in the jaw of the human skull

Current: There are two holes in the jaw of the human skull

People are claiming the two holes seen in the human chin were never there, and it's a Mandela Effect. They are placed either side of the jaw, at the front, and are seen today in most skull images and representations. It's been pointed out by doctors they are for nerves and blood vessels, and even that Neanterthals had them but were covered by bone, so there is evidence of the structure being evolutionary, although there is no suggestion homo sapiens humans evolved from them, of course.

One explanation for this comes down to the practicalities of teaching. When in school, the fake skulls made to illustrate anatomy may well have not shown them due to the complexities of their manufacture, so children would first learn of the skull without them.

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Now you mention it...

MMDE: Chartreuse is a maroon shade of red

Current: Chartreuse is yellowish green

Wikipedia has it "exactly half way between yellow and green", and it was named after the color of a French liquer, but has it always been this light green shade? 

Many today remember it being a purplish red color, and are pointing to the change as another Mandela Effect.

It's taught in schools as being a tertiary color, but that doesn't really clear things up.

Let's just hope this isn't a color used on airport runways with any Mandela Effected pilots!

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The Man in the Moon

Seeing faces

MMDE: There was a strong pattern showing a mans face in the moon

Current: There was never a strong pattern showing a mans face in the moon

Througout history, people have reported seeing the patterns of the moon's craters and landsapes forming things humans recognise, such as rabbits, women or a boy.

There's a technical term for this "pareidolia" - where the mind sees a familiar pattern where none exists.

More recently, at least in the Northern hemisphere, many have reported remembering seeing "the man in the moon", a face which can be traced from these surface features forming eyes, a nose and a mouth. Some remember sometimes having to stare for a while before seeing it, whereas others saw it right away. When asked to check today, or at least at the next full moon, they are surprised to find the one they remember isn't there at all.

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The Sun

Childhood memories

MMDE: The sun used to be yellow and is now white

Current: The sun has always been white

When you were a child and did a drawing of the sky, did you always color the sun yellow? Most did. Ever looked up today at the bright white one and wondered why that was? Some are saying there's more to this, and the sun really did used to be yellow. One group of people experiencing the Mandela Effect even offer an explanation to this - they say it's because it actually really is a different star, because at some point in the past the earth shifted 80,000 light years across the galaxy.

This isn't just a case of everyone remembering it only at sunset or sunrise - everyone agrees it's yellow then. This is concerned with the regular daytime sun.

Another explanation is that our eyes really do change with age, one effect being a yellow filter is applied.

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WOW Signal

Where in the Galaxy

MMDE: WOW Signal came from Orion

Current: WOW Signal came from Sagittarius

Remember the WOW Signal from 1977, when astronomers at Ohio State university captured a 72 second burst of radio waves which was so far off the scale one of them wrote "WOW!" alongside the printout?

The issue here isn't wether this really was from an alien civilisation, it's the report of where the signal came from.

References today show it's origin was the Sagittarius constellation, but many experiencing thi MMDE claim it was reported as coming from the Orion constellation at the time, and that's the way they remember it.