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Historical Events  Art
Colossus of Rhodes

MMDE: The Colossus of Rhodes statue straddled the harbour

Current: The Colossus of Rhodes statue did not straddle the harbour

One of the 7th wonders of the world

It's one of the 7th wonders of the ancient world, but unfortunately doesn't exist any more. Even worse, there's no definitive evidence of specifically were it was located in Rhodes, although its is certain it actually did exist because it is well documented in many surviving separate sources.

It is said the statue was destroyed by an earthquake 56 years after it was built, and its destroyed remains were left on the ground for many years in tribute.

However, the popular idea that it was so big that ships could sail between its legs as they passed the harbour is now being seriously doubted. This is due to the engineering and logistical problems that would have to be overcome, combined with the total lack of evidence this was how it appeared.

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Dogs playing poker

MMDE: One dog had a transparent green bookie hat

Current: No dog wears a transparent green bookie hat

All bets are off - did one wear a bookie hat?

Most people are familiar with the famous 'Dogs playing poker' painting. There are actually a few in the set, and they were really popular in the 1990's in many US homes, and quite a few bars worldwide too.

People remember the realistic looking dogs sat round a table in a smoky room, intently focusing on their poker game. Do you remember any of the dogs wearing a transparent green dealer's hat? Many do, but can't find it anywhere now, and so it's being classed as a Mandela effect.

There were spin off paintings where they were involved in other sports, like billiards, but it's the poker one which is the best known. People are describing every detail of the hat, right down to it's transparent green-tinted visor and wide band. Yet there's no trace of that today...

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The backward soundtrack of The Last Supper

MMDE: The Last Supper contains a hidden musical arrangement

Current: The Last Supper doesn't contain a hidden musical arrangement

A whole new Da Vinci code

An interesting discovery has been made in the famous Da Vinci painting 'The Last Supper'. It appears if you draw equal distance horizontal lines across it, the various bread rolls and hands of those present appear to form a musical arrangement. Is this a hidden message which has been in plain sight all along?

An Italian researcher, Giovanni Maria Pala, has extracted the composition and played it. He claims it sounds like a requiem and would be perfect for the passion of Jesus. He also claims it it meant to be played backwards, i.e. right to left, because that's how sheet music would have been interpreted in Da Vinci's time.

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Big Ben

MMDE: Clear, wide Roman numerals

Current: Unclear, narrow Roman numerals

What are the numbers like?

Most people know "Big Ben" is the bell in the Elizabeth Tower of the Palace of Westminster in London, to give it the correct title, but still call the clock by that name anyway.

It's instantly recognisable when seen in the image as a tower by the side of the Houses of Parliament, but how much do people remember the detail of just the clock face itself?

Some are saying the face looks "off" today, and claim it has changed. They believe the Roman numerals are now much thinner than they remember, and harder to make out. In 2017 the bell fell silent for 4 years due to restoration, and that includes re-painting the clock dials. Will they change "again"?

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We can do it!

MMDE: Smiling

Current: Not smiling

Does Rosie look different?

Rosie, the distinguished mascot from the 1943 US "We can Do It!" war poster, seems different today to some people who are experiencing this as an MMDE. 

She's actually called "Rosie the Riveter". People are reporting they remember her smiling, and with a bigger arm muscle than is seen in the poster today.

The war effort required women to work on what was traditionally the work of men, so the character was created by the government - along with her own song and movie! - to encourage solidarity and boost performance.

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Hiking emjoji

MMDE: There's a hiking emoji

Current: The hiking emoji people remember is missing

Where is the hiking emoji?

This is an unusual MMDE, because it might be fixed at any time, so all we can report is that as at Aug 2018, there was no hiking emoji whereas many people remember there being one.

Reddit shows an example of a report of this, where emojis for many other outdoor activities are plentiful but for some reason the hiking one was not only missing, but the details of what it looked like were very clear too. It was described as a figure with two sticks, brown hair, a red shirt and blue shorts.

Pretty detailed for something which never existed!

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Easter Island statues

MMDE: Easter Island statues did not have hats

Current: Some Easter Island statues wore hats

Where did you get that hat?

One look at the picture of the Easter Island statues wearing hats makes most people ask if they are real, along with comments along the lines of them looking silly, or more generally out of place.

These images are so striking that the hats are being reported as a Mandela Effect, because many people are sure they would have seen them and remembered them before. In other words, it's not a case of them misremembering, but instead the past has somehow changed for them.

Some hats appear red, and some of their eyes are painted blue too.

They are called the Moai, and represented deceased ancestors. They were carved by the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island in Polynesia around 1300 years ago.