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The backward soundtrack of The Last Supper

The Last Supper contains a hidden musical arrangement

The Last Supper doesn't contain a hidden musical arrangement

A whole new Da Vinci code

An interesting discovery has been made in the famous Da Vinci painting 'The Last Supper'. It appears if you draw equal distance horizontal lines across it, the various bread rolls and hands of those present appear to form a musical arrangement. Is this a hidden message which has been in plain sight all along?

An Italian researcher, Giovanni Maria Pala, has extracted the composition and played it. He claims it sounds like a requiem and would be perfect for the passion of Jesus. He also claims it it meant to be played backwards, i.e. right to left, because that's how sheet music would have been interpreted in Da Vinci's time.

La Musica Celata

Pala has written a book detailing his discovery, and claims the piece is a 40 second "hymn to God" intended to be played on a pipe organ. It's slow compared to what we are use to today, but is definitely not a series of random sounding notes.

A Leonardo expert, Alessandro Vezzosi, who is the director of the museum in the town of Vinci, declared the discovery "plausible", since he'd seen earlier research pointing to the notes marked out by the hands of the apostles as a slow Gregorian chant. He said that this new research was the first to include the bread loaves. He noted that Da Vinci's musical abilities are often overlooked, from his playing of the lyre to actually designing some instruments themselves.

There was a great deal of controversy surrounding heavy metal and rock music being played backwards, which even resulted in lawsuits. Taking something discovered in Da Vinci's most famous painting and reversing it is causing some to draw parallels to this, let alone the fact that another "Da Vinci Code" has been discovered.

And we won't know if it's a Mandela Effect until it shows up in The Simpsons ;-)