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Mona Lisa


MMDE: Never been known

Current: Always been known

She's the subject of the most famous portrait in the world, but who was the subject of the Mona Lisa?

Many people remember this as being a big mystery, and are surprised to hear today all the reports of her being the wife of Francesco del Giocondo.

Her name - Lisa del Giocondo - is even listed officially in the Louvre.

The idea of so many people remembering, and being sure of that memory, of no-one knowing who she was is being classed as a Mandela Effect, since that's exactly what's happening here.

La Gioconda

The painting is also known as La Gioconda. There are a few interesting facts regarding it, such as Napoleon keeping it in his bedroom for a while, the French passed a law forbidding it ever to be sold and there is a tiny "signature" in her right eye bearing the letters "LV".