Historical Events  TV
Mighty Mouse

What was on his chest?

MMDE: "M" on chest

Current: Plain costume

He first burst on the scene in 1942 as the dynamic fusion between Superman and Mickey Mouse, fuelled by the hype for both at the time. In fact he was originally named Super Mouse, but that was a little too close to the Superman brand for comfort.

Many remember his bright caped costume, but what was written on his chest?

If you thought it was a large red "M" you may be experiencing an MMDE, because all references today show it was blank.

In a strange quirk of fate, in 2005 he was again embroiled in a trademark dispute, but this time with the Apple corp when they launched the "Apple Mighty Mouse". He won that epic battle, and they had to change it to the "Apple Mouse".

Historical Events  General
Burning Bra

How many bras were actually burnt?

MMDE: Thousands

Current: Very few

The women's lib movement, which began in the 1960's and saw many protests and rallies, is synonymous with the phrase "Burning Bras", and other variants such as "Burn your bra". 

People are surprised today to hear very few were actually burnt. Sure, there are videos of them being done for the cameras during these rallies, but the idea there was mass outrage and every woman was doing it turns out to be false.

This is a similar MMDE to the HG Wells War of the Worlds radio broadcast. In fact the similarities go even further, because there is strong suspicion the phrase "Burning Bras" was actually concocted by a newspaper at the time, and it caught on as a useful hook to summarise the movement.

Historical Events  People
King Arthur

Did he exist?

MMDE: King Arthur probably existed

Current: King Arthur did not exist

King Arthur is a legendary figure surrounded by myth and mystery. 

He's best known for his Knights of the Round Table, Excalibur, the Lady in the Lake and of course his trusty magician, Merlin.

However, people are reporting now that it's being stated as he probably never existed, whereas they remember it being quite possible he was an English king of around 600AD - and there being evidence of this, somewhere.

The MMDE isn't the fact he definitely did exist - it's the fact that people remember it being generally uncertain whether he did or not, and it's now changed to "definitely not".

Historical Events  Science
Jet Engines

How are Jet Engines in passenger aircraft fixed?

MMDE: Jet engines fully underneath the wings

Current: Jet engines forward of the wings

People have noticed something odd about the placement of the engines on passenger jet aircraft.

They remember them being fully undermneath the wings, but are suprised to see today they are forward of them, and have been for many years. 

This needs some explanation, because in earlier designs different positions were being tried out, so indeed some would be directly under the wings, and even some above them, for example. There's a detailed discussion on Reddit where various knowledgeable engineers, etc explain the details of them being in different positions, but still the feeling amongst many is that the new placement is a surprise.

Historical Events  People
Christoper Reeve

Who played superman in the 70's/80's movies? 

MMDE: Christoper Reeves

Current: Christoper Reeve

Is is a bird, is it a plane, is it Reeve or is it Reeves?

When superman got the big screen treatment in the 70's, it sparked a line of sequels running for a decade - but what was the surname of the actor who played him then? Many people remember it as Reeves, but in fact all references now show it to be Reeve.

"Christopher Reeves" has also been seen stitched into the original costume he wore in the movies, but of course that could have been a genuine mishearing mistake. In fact, Reeves is the more popular surname, where people think of Keanu, George or Martha. But Mandela Effects are all about the detail...

Historical Events  General
Pearl Harbor

The Pearl Harbor attack of 1941

MMDE: A newspaper did not detail the attack in 1937

Current: A newspaper detailed attack in 1937

Most people are well aware of the 1941 surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, but how may know the exact details of the raid was published in a US national newspaper 4 years earlier?

This report is so accurate that the Mandela Effect observers are claiming it should be much wider known, and is in a similar class as the "Razzle Dazzle" ships in that it seems to have suddenly appeared in the past.

It appeared in the Los Angeles Examiner on Sunday November 7th, 1937. The records held by Cornell University note: 'An eerily prescient 1937 map of a Japanese attack on the U.S., highlighting the significance of Pearl Harbor: "The first objective must be capture of Hawaii This would mean crippling or annihilating the U.S. fleet."'

Historical Events  Religion

How many mummies were found in the Pyramids?

MMDE: Many mummies were found in the Pyramids

Current: No mummies were found in the Pyramids

Ask most people what the Pyramids were built for, and the chances are they'll tell you they were the tombs of the Pharaohs. So if you then ask them how many mummies were discovered in them and they tell you "many", they might be experiencing a Mandela Effect because the answer today is none.

One explanation is that the tombs were robbed in ancient times. Whilst this is possible, experts point to the sarcopagus in the Khufu Pyramid being too small to hold a body. Other theories range from the mundane, such as the Pyramids actually only being built to store grain, to the extreme, such as them being power stations using energy of a form unknown to us today.