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Historical Events  Geography
WTC Marriot Hotel

9/11: There was a hotel at the foot of the twin towers

MMDE: No hotel

Current: WTC Marriot Hotel

There are many conspiracy theories surrounding the attack on the World Trade Center in September, 2001.

Some of these are being pointed to as Mandela Effects, such as the appearance of the towers themselves changing with either vertical or horizontal lines appearing on photographs which some do not remember being there before.

A new one in this regard is what was at the foot of the towers. Clearly visible in many photographs and videos before the attack, as well as a great deal of eyewitness accounts from those who stayed and worked there, is a hotel - The Marriot. Some people, however, are certain there was no hotel there and are calling this another 9/11 Mandela Effect.

Whilst it sounds impossible that an entire hotel in such a prominent place can "suddenly" appear from nowhere, believers are saying, well, that's just how the ME works.

Historical Events  Movies
Batteries still not included

More batteries missing

MMDE: The sequel to "Batteries not included" was called "Batteries still not included"

Current: There was no sequel to "Batteries not included"

We all know how annoying it is when you open the box for some new gadget or toy and find you can't use it because there were no batteries supplied.

Now some people are finding another reason. The 1987 movie, "Batteries not included", was a fun sci-fi story about a bunch of people facing eviction from their tenant block only to be rescued by some miniature flying robot aliens. It was really popular and has been compared in style with ET, Gremlins and Close Encounters for the Third Kind.

However, many people remember a sequel, and specifically it's name: "Batteries still not included". This is nowhere to be found today. The original  movie came out in 1987, so any sequel would likely have been late 80's/early 90's, but there is no evidence this existed at all.

Historical Events  Brands
Scott's Porage

The breakfast of real men

MMDE: Scott's Porridge Oats

Current: Scott's Porage Oats

The wholesome oat based meal from Scotland has been eaten since the middle ages, but it was only since 1914 that the distinctive Scott's band was launched, together with the iconic "fine figure of a man" shot putter. This was based on a real person, the legendary Highland Games athlete Jay Scott.

There's a problem, however, with the spelling. Many today are surprised to see the packet spelling it as "Porage", having been sure this must be wrong because they had always known it as "Porridge"

A Google image search will often draw a gasp from those affected, since it clearly shows many instances of it always being spelt "Porage".

Historical Events  Science
10,000 steps

Where did the 10,000 steps per day number come from?

MMDE: Science

Current: A marketing gimmick

Everyone wants to keep fit, and when the idea that walking 10,000 steps per day is all you need came out, it seemed within most people's grasp. The proliferation of step counting gadgets, such as the Fit Bit etc, suggest an automatic, simpler way to keep in shape is available to everyone.

The figure has a nice, rounded, confident ring to it which most people think came from a set of scientific tests.

So it comes as a big surprise when they hear the truth, which in fact reveals it's just one huge marketing gimmick. It's even been reported that the figure is built on bad science and served no other purpose than to build an "entire industry" of personal fitness devices.

Historical Events  People
Van Gogh

Himself, or in a fight?

MMDE: In a fight

Current: Himself

Towards the end of Van Gogh's life, he was sat in his studio surrounded by many of his unsold paintings.In fact, during his life he only sold one, and that was to an art gallery owner. Those paintings each sold for many millions after his tragic death. In fact he gave one to his doctor, who didn't like it so used it to repair his chicken coup. It was worth $50m in 2016.

It's well known he lost his ear, and most believe he did it to himself. However, this story has taken a few twists down the years and the absolute truth still is not certain. His friend Gauguin was planning to leave, and as Wikipedia reports:

Van Gogh followed when Gauguin left the house for a walk, and "rushed towards me, an open razor in his hand". This account is uncorroborated;Gauguin was almost certainly absent from the Yellow House that night, most likely in a hotel.

Historical Events  General
Wall St crash

How many deaths?

MMDE: Hundreds

Current: None

It happened just before the Great Depression. Starting in the summer of 1929, and slowly gathering momentum to reach a peak in October, it became known as the Wall Street crash. Peaking on Black Thursday - October 24th, 1929, stories of ruined traders jumping out of the windows to their death have widely circulated since, but how accurate is this?

It tuns out not only were they wrong, they were completely wrong and no-one died that way on the day, although there were stories of suicides by other means following Black Thursday.

Only decades later, once all the chaos had settled down, could the truth be uncovered.

In the United States the suicide wave that followed the stock market crash is also part of the legend of 1929. In fact, there was none.

--  John Kenneth Galbraith, "The Great Crash of 1929"

Historical Events  Movies
The coat of Cruella De Vil

101 Golden Retrievers?

MMDE: Cruella De Vil wore a white coat with black dots

Current: Cruella De Vil wore a yellow coat

Here's the second Mandela Effect relating to Disney's 1961 animated classic "101 Dalmatians". Whilst the other one is concerned with how you spell Cruella's name, this one is about the coat she wore.

Many are remembering the coat being the same as the dalmatians, that is black with white polka dots, yet today it's seen as an enlarged yellow mass of fur.

This idea is reinforced by the sole premise of the story - Cruella wants the dalmatians in order to turn them into fur coats. Those experiencing this Mandela Effect are saying the coat being yellow makes no sense any more.