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Historical Events  Music
Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Under the Bridge - "the city I live in, the ..."

MMDE: City of Angels

Current: City of Angel

Under the Bridge is a classic rock track from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, released in 1992, and it was largely responsible for their breakthrough into the mainstream after its extensive wide playing on MTV.

The song focuses on depression, isolation and drug use. You'd have thought the line in question was "Angels" because it's clearly a reference to Los Angeles, and the plural makes sense there, whereas the singular doesn't.

This is a good one to catch out even hardcore RHCP fans, who aren't aware of this Mandela Effect to start with. Just ask them to complete the line and they instantly respond with what they are sure is right - until you get them to hear it again, that is.

Historical Events  Brands

What does MGM stand for?

MMDE: Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer

Current: Metro-Goldwn-Mayer

MGM is one of the world's oldest film studios and its origins can be traced to the dawn of the movie business in Hollywood.

It's roaring lion brand is instantly recognisable as the first thing you see in literally hundreds of classic movies, so it's surprising that a key feature of this is causing some confusion. In that logo, and the short video which accompanies it, the full wording for "MGM" is spelt out prominently above the lion's head. Today, it reads "Metro Goldwyn Mayer", but some are saying they remember it as "Metro Goldwyn Meyer".

There's a possible connection here with another Mandela Effect - the Oscar Mayer/Meyer one, just based on the wording alone.

Historical Events  People
Marilyn Monroe

Did Bernie Madoff die in 2009?

MMDE: Bernie Madoff died in 2009

Current: Bernie Madoff did not die in 2009

Bernie Madoff ran the largest Ponzi scheme in history.

The total amount missing was nearly $65Bn, and he was sentenced to 150 years in jail in 2009. Many remember him committing suicide shortly afterwards in jail, and are surprised to hear he didn't do so. 

He was the chairman of NASDAQ, which would have helped enormously with his credibility when pulling off his scam. His firm had a "special arrangement" with Wall St which enabled it to bypass the strict checks and balances other firms were subjected to and directly executed orders over the counter from retail brokers.

He did attempt suicide with his wife in 2008 on Christmas Eve, so perhaps news of this came out at the time and people thought he was sucessful.

Historical Events  Music
Marilyn Monroe

Sung by Marilyn in 1953?

MMDE: Monroe sang "Santa Baby"

Current: Monroe did not sing "Santa Baby"

'Santa Baby' is one of those songs everyone knows and loves no matter what time of year they hear it. Many are sure it was sung by Marilyn Monroe in the 1950's, and are surprised to hear that isn't the case - it was Eartha Kitt.

Written by Phillip Springer, Tony Springer and Joan Javits, it's certainly designed to be done in the breathy, suggestive style made famous by Marilyn and it's easy to see why people would think she sang it. It's been covered many times since then too, including more recently by Madonna and Kylie Minogue, so even those who knew Eartha was the original singer might be forgiven for thinking Marilyn did a cover version later.

The song is basically a parody. A young woman is asking Santa to give her a generous set of expensive Christmas gifts, and is using her feminine charm, to put it mildly, to get what she wants. 

Historical Events  Movies

The voice of an AI

MMDE: HAL said "Good morning, Dave"

Current: HAL did not say "Good morning, Dave"

HAL, the famous computer from 2001: A Space odyssey, has an instantly recognisable voice many remember for his conversations with the crew, and his eerie rendition of "Daisy Bell" at the end.

There's a phrase many remember him using which is nowhere to be seen in the movie today: "Good morning, Dave". It's a straightforward comment, and you can imagine his distinctive voice saying it, but it's not there at all.

There are many missing quote Mandela Effects from movies of this kind, including "Hello, Clarice(The Silence of the Lambs), "What if I told you...(The Matrix) etc.

Still, at least its not "Open the pod bay doors, HAL" which is no longer there ;-) 

Historical Events  Movies

Where did ET touch Elliot when he said "I'll be right here"?

MMDE: Heart

Current: Head

Everyone remember the tear-jerking scene at the end of the movie 'ET: The Extra-Terrestrial' where he leaves Elliot, but there's one detail some remember differently. Did ET point to Elliots head or heart when he said 'I'll be right here'?

This isn't the only Mandela Effect related to ET - the one where he first learns to speak, and reverses the later line he used "ET phone home"  is another one.

To confuse things even more, some remember the scene differently in that ET and Elliot only touched fingertips.

Something else very relevant is the Pizza Hut drinking glasses advert from the 1980's - they show various scenes from the movie, including ET touching Elliots chest.

Historical Events  TV
Lone Ranger

What was his call?

MMDE: Hi Ho Silver!

Current: Hi Yo Silver!

The Lone Ranger ran on TV from 1949 to 1957, and was famous for his cry to his faithful horse, Silver. What exactly was that call? Many remember it as "Hi Ho Silver!", and there's plenty of examples of this on the internet today, but in fact the original was "Hi Yo Silver".

The adventure began on the radio in 1933, made the move to short movies in 1937, and came to television in 1949, each time repeating the story of our hero wandering round the 1880's wild west doing good and righting worngs.

"A fiery horse with a speed of light, a cloud of dust, and a hearty ‘Hi-Yo, Silver!’. . . The Lone Ranger!"