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MMDE: 7-Up has a regular hyphen

Current: 7-Up has a red circle as a hyphen 

Did the regular hyphen disappear without anyone noticing?

The famous 7-Up brand seems to have been around forever, but in fact only dates back to 1964. Many people remember the brand having a hyphen in the name, as in "7-Up", and see it today as styled as a red circle rather than the dash, or "hyphen". Are they experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect?

Searches reveal a few examples with the hyphen but the argument is that these were created by other people also mis-remembering the styling and not examples of how it was styled everywhere back then.

The usual problem also exists with branding - these companies realise the value of the mark, and would never tinker with it without a very good reason, and if doing so would also want to benefit from the change itself, of which no record exists.

There once was no hyphen

Early on in the brand's life there was a time with no hyphen, but that's not what we're talking about here. It's the shape of it - going from a rectangle to a square.