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Human Kidneys

Lower back

Lower chest

Where are your kidneys?

Those who are surprised to find their kidneys are above their belly button, and located in the lower chest protected by their rib cage, could well be experiencing a Mandela Effect. Many remember them in the lower back to the rear, in fact that's what the "fighting" sports such as boxing, karate etc mean when they talk of giving a kidney punch.

Some try to explain this by saying the older medical books and models simplified things, but it would be strange to teach someone something so inaccurate for no good reason.

There seems to be a few Mandela Effects related to changes in the human body - the holes in the jaw and location of the heart, for example.


The Kidneys have been depicted incorrectly as by the hips for many years:

kidney location 450x350

Wider impact

If the location of the kidneys is different, it would affect doctors, massage therapists and as mentioned, sports fighters. And those experiencing kidney pain and problems, such as on dialysis machines. Also, people describing the pain from kidney stones are pointing to areas higher than they should be. Even people who have had one removed say the scar is down on the lower back right now.

Some are saying the changes go further, in that the number of ribs have changed too. They recall an extra single rib which went all round the body, whereas now there are 2 or 3 much shorter ones which "serve no purpose". If the kidneys have moved, these ribs would be longer and protect them because they would be in the area as originally remembered. When a patient has donor kidneys transplanted in, they actually do go to the place where the originals were supposed to be.

Many people say that a great deal of what you were told in school is wrong, and remember the human anatomy charts showing the kidneys on the lower back. All have been updated now, so when they see they new ones are surprised, and claim it is the Mandela Effect in action.