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Human heart location

Where is your heart?

MMDE: Heart fully left

Current: Heart slightly left

In the 4th Century BC, Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, described the human heart as the most important part of the body.

Many people believe the position is to the left, and are surprised when they learn today it is only slightly so. They also think it's size has changed to twice the one they remember. 

These people remember things like doctors using stethoscopes on their left side when they were children, but nowadays placing it centrally. People being shot in movies also tended to clutch their left side, and even where they were told to place their hands during the pledge of allegiance - because that's supposed to be over the heart.

Left lung smaller

People are reporting every anatomical diagram from when they were at school clearly showed the heart was to the left, and the left lung smaller too in order to accomodate this.

It could also be just a case of exaggeration. Today, most agree the heart is slightly left, but nowhere near as far as they were told. However, those teachings might just have made it more pronounced in order to get the idea over.