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MMDE: There were never two holes in the jaw of the human skull

Current: There are two holes in the jaw of the human skull

People are claiming the two holes seen in the human chin were never there, and it's a Mandela Effect. They are placed either side of the jaw, at the front, and are seen today in most skull images and representations. It's been pointed out by doctors they are for nerves and blood vessels, and even that Neanterthals had them but were covered by bone, so there is evidence of the structure being evolutionary, although there is no suggestion homo sapiens humans evolved from them, of course.

One explanation for this comes down to the practicalities of teaching. When in school, the fake skulls made to illustrate anatomy may well have not shown them due to the complexities of their manufacture, so children would first learn of the skull without them.

They are called the "Mental foramina"

It's been pointed out that if these holes are truly new, there must have been a way for the nerves and blood vessels which pass through them to perform their function some other way.