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Morlocks were bright blue

Morlocks are pale blue

Another time travel Mandela Effect!

The number of movies about time travel which themselves feature Mandela Effects is getting crazy.

First we had the Back to the Future van change, then a few Terminator 2 ones as well as our old friend Dr Who.

Now it turns out there's one from the original - the 1960 adaptation of HG Wells "The Time machine". The monsters in that movie were called "Morlocks" and many remember them appearing as bright blue with long white hair. Are they experiencing a Mandela Effect? This is because all references today show them as a pale blue, and nothing like as as one description of them: "being the same shade as a smurf."


HG Wells wrote The Time Machine in 1895. It's said he took inspiration for the name from the Morlachs, an ethnic group in the Balkans said to be a more primitive form of human. In his novel, they have lived underground for so long that they actually have an aversion to light. They are one of what appears to be two races at the start, the other being the more refined Eloi, but as the story develops it becomes clear they are both descended from humans and this is Wells way of working current day class distinctions into the story.


Thi Mandela Effect concerns color, and is discussing a film made in the 60's which was shown on TV. That should set some obvious alarm bells ringing, and indeed it's not alone in this. There are other ME's around wether the entire movie was in color or black and white, such as The Fly and The Birds.

Nowadays, when we all have YouTube etc available at the click of a mouse, this seems an odd one to even question, yet that's not how it works. Even those who see them as pale blue today still remember them being bright blue originally.