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The Fly

The 1958 version: color or black and white?

MMDE: Black and white

Current: Color

First off, those experiencing this MMDE are well aware that TV's from the late 50's and 60's were black and white, so even though that's the knee-jerk explanation for this, it's not what they are saying. At that time, TV's themselves were still rare, so most would have seen the movie in the cinema anyway.

What they remember is the movie being in black and white, whereas today all references show it as always having been filmed in color.

There were posters and publicity shots which are in black and white, and are still easily searchable on the internet, which may have contributed to the idea it was not filmed in color.

Starring Vincent Price

"The Fly" was a short story by George Langelaan which first appeared in 1957. The 1958 and 1986 movies, plus its sequels were based on this. Another remake is rumoured to be currently in the works.