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Terminator 2

Can you spot the difference between the two titles in this image?

A sloping "A" might seem trivial until you realise a few odd things connected to this. First, this is another film where time travel features as the main theme in the movie, and the movie itself is a Mandela Effect, just as in for example the Back to the Future terrorist van change.

Another time travel movie which itself is a Mandela Effect

The second strange thing about this is the residue. When you look at the original, as seen in the opening credits of the movie (you can't get more definitive than that!), you see the A is sloping to the left. Yet a Google search throws up many images showing that same title but with it sometimes sloping to the right, as well as to the left.

Finally, since this is a font change you'd have thought the creators of a font specifically made to match the movie would get it right - these are even called "terminator" fonts. Check the "A" on these:

Compare and contrast

Here's the image from the opening titles:

terminator 2 700x400

It's even flipped around within the actual opening sequence. Notice the slope on the A is the opposite, for example in "Arnold Schwarzenegger", from the one in the actual movie title: