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Raisin Bran

Wore sunglasses

Did not wear sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses?

Did the cheerful Raisin Bran sun, happily smiling out from the front of the famous breakfast cereal box, wear sunglasses? Many people swear he did, but all references today show he never has done.

This isn't the first MMDE to involve a "did he/didn't he" regarding sunglasses - Tom Cruise is another with "Risky Business".

Reports are also around of residue in Kellogs early marketingFamily Guy and Rick and Morty.

Questionable eyewear

People picture his dazzling face and automatically add the sunglasses. There is an extraordinary number of people who mention the Raisin Bran Sun wearing sunglasses on Twitter, as detailed in a Reddit thread

One of the explanations for why he was wearing them was that they were made from California raisins

Another well-known MMDE regarding eye wear is the Monopoly Man's monocle.

If you think about it, there's something very illogical at the heart f this one - why does the sun need sunglasses anyway? It's almost certainly for artistic licence, so you're not supposed to think about it for too long, but even so it came up on Yahoo answers as because the ad people wanted everyone to associate the raising as fresh and sun-worshipped. Kids in particular seemed to pick up on this, and many of the comments today are from people who definitely remember the sunglasses from when they were around 5 years old.

The idea the raisin bran sun wore sunglasses is also reinforced by many Twitter posts.

So many people were sure he wore them, but there is no trace today, that the Mandela Effect is being defined as it not really being important whether we're talking about parallel universes or not,because that can't be proven, but the idea of a widespread false memory definitely can be proven which is a fascinating phenomenon all in itself.