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Tom Cruise wore sunglasses in the Risky Business dance scene

Tom Cruise did not wear sunglasses in the Risky Business dance scene

No sunglasses in the dance scene?

Tom Cruise wore RayBans throughout the 80's movie Risky Business ... but not in the famous dance scene? It's the film which made him famous, and he's particularly well-known for the solo dance scene in question. So how come so many people get a trademark part of it wrong?

Those experiencing the Mandela Effect claim he definitely wore sunglasses in the scene, but if you watch the movie today he didn't.

This is one where there are many references in the form of parodies, homages and tributes - where all of them are wearing the trademark sunglasses. The photos of Tom in the covers advertising the movie all show them, so could every single one of these just have misremembered this, having had the image of him wearing them throughout planted in their memories?


The story is an enjoyable romp - quite literally at times - which starts innocently enough but soon spirals way out of control. It was released in 1983, and was the first directed by Paul Brickman. It was originally titled White boys off the lake, but this was rejected in favour of Risky Business, although a line referring to the old title did make it into the movie.

Look twice

Originally, the script just called for Cruise to "Dance around the house in his underwear",  but when shooting he ad libbed so well, using props and various ideas invented on the spot, like jumping on the bed, that it became a focus for the movie. Which makes it even more likely he would have been wearing sunglasses indoors for effect.

So was he wearing sunglasses? See for yourself in the video: