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The Monopoly Mans Monocle

Did the Monopoly Man really never wear a monocle?

MMDE: The Monopoly man had a monocle

Current: The Monopoly man did not have a monocle

Is there a Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect at work on the most famous board game in the world?

When most people picture the man in the logo, they often recall him wearing a monocle, and claim it's always been that way since his introduction in 1935.

Several references to him wearing one exist - see the video for some newspaper articles regarding this.

Some people are claiming he was wearing one only on some of the cards he appeared on, and not on the box or in any of the ads. 

Next time you meet someone unaware of the effect, ask them to describe him - you may well be very suprised to see how widespread this one is!

Early references

Here's a photo of the board cover from 1954 - notice no monocle

Monopoly board from 1954