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Wile E Coyote

Beep beep

MMDE: Wiley E Coyote

Current: Wile E Coyote

Do you remember Beep Beep the roadrunner forever being chased by his enemy, Wiley E Coyote? If so, you may be experiencing a Mandela Effect, because all references today show his name was "Wile E Coyote".

He never did catch the roadrunner, although there is a rumored spoof final episode where he actually did, then became unemployed.

It's easy to see how the spelling could be confused, especially when the show was aimed specifically at younger viewers. There's even confusion over whether there was a dot after the E or not - is this a Mandela Effect within a Mandela Effect?

The Coyote

He first appeared in 1949, and at the start had no voice. There's a co-incidence here, as he was in the original Looney Tunes series, which is itself a Mandela Effect.

He's even appeared in some Bugs Bunny cartoons, and is in TV Guide's "60 Nastiest Villains of All Time".