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Looney Tunes

That's not quite all folks!

MMDE: Looney Toons

Current: Looney Tunes

Everyone over a certain age remembers the Warner Bros cartoons growing up - Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and all their chums.

About the most iconic memory is the closing sequence with its famous little fanfare and the message "That's all folks!" - but did it say "Looney Tunes" above that or "Looney Toons"?

Those experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect claim the original was "Looney Toons" and it has since changed to "Looney Tunes".

There is support for both ways - Warner also had "Merrie Melodies", showing the way both were connected to music, but also they were carTOONS which also fits.

Here's the current version:

 Boomerang used "Looney Toons":